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In the US, budgies are commonly called parakeets. They're very common in petstores and come in standard colors of yellow, green, and blue. But they also come in a lot of fun color mutations. They're very small and a bite from one won't cause very much damage. They're also sexually dimorphic and are very easy to sex after they hit sexual maturity. They usually sell for about $15-$30, depending on the source and color mutation. An appropriate cage for a budgie will probably cost you about $40-$60. While they are common enough in petstores, your best bet is to find a breeder. You will know that your bird is not inbred, that it is healthy, and it will also probably sell a little cheaper than your average petstore variety.

Budgies, like almost all birds, can become infected by the primitive bacterium, Chlamydophila. (More on that later.)

Don't forget that I didn't calculate the price of food, toys, perches, and vet visits into the costs listed above. Larger toys and perches cost more than smaller ones, so the smaller birds are cheaper in that regard, too. But a vet checkup for a budgie costs the same as a checkup for a hyacinth macaw.

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Budgies, like almost all birds, can become infected by the primitive bacterium, .. In the beginning buy a few pairs of reasonably priced stock from a recommended (word of mouth), breeder and have some fun. That's right, have some fun, while you learn the ropes, getting on. top of things like breeding, feeding and keeping these finicky exhibition birds alive and well. Then when your ready, trade-in your birds and move up to the next step on the ladder. Take time to enjoy your days as a beginner. Use this important time to educate your eye for the finer points of exhibition Budgerigars.

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Justifiably, an ordinary bird from the outstanding stud may be the same price or in the case of Mannes a lot more than a good visual bird at an average establishment. Human nature will wrongly push even the most experienced fancier towards the visual purchase almost every time. If you wish to progress, the first and most important consideration when purchasing is background. You can't breed great budgies from a second-rate bloodline. Select the best bird you are offered or can afford with the chosen background. This is exactly what I did with the Mannes birds. With this type of purchase I know that over the long haul these birds will reproduce, and they have as expected, produced some excellent quality babies over a few generations.

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Because of their small price tag and easy availability, budgerigars (or parakeets) are often treated as a throwaway bird — easily purchased, easily disposed of, easily replaced. This deplorable attitude keeps people from valuing these birds for their affectionate personality — some budgies even become very good talkers, albeit with tiny little voices.Pom Pom Poppee Bird Budgie Budgerigar Parakeet Postcard

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