the supplies you will need before bringing your new guinea pigs home.

Have you decided to bring a guinea pig into your home? As pets go they are quite easy to care for, but there are still a few essential items you’ll need in order to ensure their health and happiness. If you’re planning to buy your guinea pig in a pet store, you’ll most likely be able to buy most of the following items when you pick up your new pet. If you’re adopting your guinea pig from a shelter (something I highly recommend), it’s best to have all these things on hand before bringing your new furry companion home with you.

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Before you bringing home your new guinea pig, you should locate your nearest veterinarian, and go in to the practice to pick up any leaflets or advice sheets on basic first aid for guineas. Staff should be knowledgeable, and will be able to help you with any other queries you might have about your guinea pigs. Make sure to visit a knowledgeable exotic pet veterinarian, as many regular cat and dog veterinarians have limited knowledge of cavies and some may refuse to treat them altogether.

Bringing Your New Guinea Pig Home

Do you have a new pet Guinea Pig? Bringing home a new Guinea Pig requires some preparation. Guinea pigs are social creatures by nature, so if you are bringing a new companion home to be a new bestie for a current pet, there are a few guidelines. First, make sure that they aren't two males. Due to the herd nature of guinea pigs, two males will fight for supremacy when sharing a space, which is hardly a positive environment for adjustment. Second, be aware of ages. Females are ready to breed when they are as young as 5 to 6 weeks old, and males are ready to go at 8 weeks old. Spaying and neutering will prevent any unplanned additions to your family. Quarantine your new companion for two weeks and slowly introduce your new friend to his roommate.

Bringing Your New Guinea Pig Home - Duration: 6:30

Bringing Your New Guinea Pig Home

The first few days of bringing a guinea pig home are important as you should make them feel as relaxed as possible. This video answers some common queries about how to care for them during the first few days.


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Tips for Bringing Your New Guinea Pig Home

You can ease your guinea pig's stress by following a few simple steps. Set up you guinea pigs cage with appropriate accessories and food before you bring her home. Use the same type of food and bedding that she's used to and introduce new products slowly. Besure to use hay, paper-based bedding or shavings. Cover the cage with a light cloth for the first day or two to allow your guinea pig to explore her new home with greater privacy and fewer distractions. Don't rush to handle your new guinea pig; give her a day or two to acclimate to her new home before you start petting her or picking her up. Discourage friends and visitors from handling your new guinea pig during this adjustment period. Once your guinea pig is comfy and relaxed in her new home, you’ll be ready to take your relationship to the next level by introducing her to gentle handling.There are a lot of things to consider when you bring home a new baby guinea pig. This may be the most crucial and time consuming part of raising a cavy. As long as you nail this part, the rest should be smooth sailing with minimal problems. Always consult with your local veterinarian if your experiencing something odd happening with your puppy. Health complications tend to be the most frequent at such as early age.