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At my vet, it would only cost around $25 for each thing. So about $75 for rabies shot, combo shot, and heartworm test. And my vet charges less than most vets, especially those in more expensive areas. So that's not a bad price. I'd just ask them to skip the bordetella (unless you think you have to board her soon) and corona. They are the same vaccines, and, since rabies vaccine can only be given by a vet, or at least in the presence of a vet, there will definitely be a vet around during the shot clinic.

Jan 25, 2015 - Vaccine Clinic Price List Effective December 2014. Vaccines. CANINE Rabies $12. DAPP $22. Bordetella (intranasal) $17. Leptospirosis $22.

Discounts are available for Rescues, Shelters, and Feral Groups. Call for special pricing.
Note: DHLPP, FVRCP, Bordetella, and FELV vaccines require follow-up “boosters”. Please see your regular veterinarian for additional vaccines.
* All Prices are considered an estimate and are subject to change.


*If deemed by our veterinarian that an animal requires injectable Bordetella instead of intranasal, the price of Bordetella vaccine will be $25 We wanted to see how large the range of prices were for a simple Bordetella vaccination. We called 4-5 local Vet offices – told them we were putting together a price list for Bordetella Boosters for our customers and asked if they wanted to give us their prices. Holy Smokes – what a range of prices. We also collected a few Rescue Group Clinics prices and a few retail locations that sell the vaccine. We are not going to list the names but check out the price ranges below

Package 3, DA2PP + Rabies+HW test + Bordetella + Deworming, $79.00

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