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The Blue Duck restaurant (2661 Sutton Boulevard), in Maplewood, was poorly reviewed in the and the recently. Both say the restaurant tries too hard.

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A more pressing issue for the Blue Duck, however, is a menu revamp — or at least one capable of revamping part of it. As previously noted, lunchtime offerings are where the restaurant puts its best webbed-foot forward. In addition to the "Don Hamm," the restaurant's signature sandwich, the "DLT," pairs succulent sliced duck breast with tomato, lettuce and chipotle mayonnaise to offer a touch of heat. A gooey fried egg oozes over the components, and toasted sourdough bread soaks in the yolk, sauce and rendered duck fat. It's a magnificent take on a BLT.

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One Blue Duck, 5 Stars ***** - Review of One Blue Duck .. Went to the Blue Duck based on Trip Advisor Reviews. Our server was Jeremy and he was OUTSTANDING! He knew the menu very well as well as the wine list. The charcuterie was excellent, the chef brought it to the table and explained what the offerings were. We had the duck and spare rib with mushrooms and broccolini as sides. The presentations were excellent and the preparation perfect. Topped off with excellent cheese cake, very light- unlike heavy NY style. Thanks Jeremy!

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While the Peoria Farmers Market is open The Blue Duck Barbecue Tavern serves brunch on Saturdays from 9am-11am. My husband and I went for the first time last Saturday and it was delicious.

The interior has a very funky, recycled wood, cool vibe to it. It is very comfortable and welcoming.

The brunch menu isn't huge, with 5-6 entrees available, but there is something to please everyone. I ordered the brisket hash and it was so good. It was potatoes, onions, green pepper and brisket mixed together with two eggs on top. My husband had the brisket biscuit and gravy. The flavor was so good but the texture took a little getting used to. It is finely chopped brisket made with a gravy (like sausage gravy without the sausage) and biscuits. All of the flavors were great.

We spoke with out waiter for a few minutes and he described the previous day dinner special which was chili mac. It was made with macaroni & cheese and texas chili (no beans or vegetables) on top. I think we started to drool.

We will be back!

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Despite the drab weather, I was super excited to check out Blue Duck Tavern when they invited us in to brunch as I had read our previous glowing reviews ( .) I have a tendency to gravitate towards people from the tri-state area, so I asked my friend Raja to join me for the afternoon. After all, we share similar experiences growing up and the same frustrations with moving to a new city.My girlfriend and I were really looking forward to trying the Blue Duck, especially after reading mostly positive reviews and knowing the reputation of the Blue Duck in Washington, MO. We arrived around 6:00 on a Friday night. I expected there would be lots of...