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I’m guessing that your girl knows they aren’t beardies and likely does not, therefore, want to mate them (the water dragons). Probably showing dominance and maybe some stress. Or maybe she just wants to meet them? I know that Jesse’s water dragon absolutely loves her beardie and they "play" together (with her watching of course). normally, though, the black bearding and head bobbing are more of a male trait. The female is more likely to wave her arms (lift them up and put them back down). Just keep an eye on it - prolonged black bearding could be a sign of stress which wouldn’t be good for her. Take care, LIZ

my bearded dragon is black like is mad , but a don’t know why. he is very sweet.

Hi my name is Kobie and my bearded dragon is turning nine this year. Herfront left hand is all swallen and black there is a clear substance coming out of a hole in her hand can someone please tell me the cause of this or the name of this issue

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My bearded dragon has a black beard, his body is turning black, and his tip tail is black My bearded Dragons feet are turning black. What is the cause? He temp is 80 degrees during the with a heat lamp and uvb lamp. I turn his light off at night and his tank is about 65 degrees. I don’t leave uneaten crickets in his tank at night.

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My Bearded Dragon Izzy suddenly started acting weird. He was fine then an hour later I found he had thrown up his food and has turned very pale and black on his beard and is sleeping alot (just like described in Brumation times) but i wasn’t sure if the colour change was normal? My beardie has never gone through brumation before and he is over 10 years old now.
Does anyone know what might be happening? He hasn’t been aggressive/ hissing or showing discomfort, just being a lazy lizard yet pale and not his normal active self.

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This really depends on how much they want to show off, it signals either a territory dispute and dominance (normally with a blackened beard) or courtship both males and females do it – I have a small Lawsons/Rankins female dragon that will run and head bob at the much larger adult male Vitticeps.Bearded dragons get their names from the bristly spines under their throats and around their ears. Sometimes these reptiles will puff them out, making them look even more beardlike. They also have the ability to darken the areas, turning them gunmetal-gray or jet-black. The blackening has various meanings. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY MY BEARDED DRAGON TURNS BLACK UNDER HIS CHIN; HE SEEMS TO DO THIS WHEN HE IS EXCITED, OR TRYING TO GAIN MY ATTENTION ? IS THIS A NORMAL POSTURE, OR BEHAVIORAL DIFFERENCES ?The beards of male bearded dragons are generally larger and darker than females' beards. During the breeding season male dragons will blacken their beards during courtship. A male will start to beard up when he spots a female nearby and may accompany this with slapping a hand on the ground and bobbing his head in a jerky manner. This indicates to the female that he is aroused. If she is ready to mate, she will respond with a particular arm-waving gesture.