Look no further than your grocery aisle, if you dare

Happy Halloween from Beantown Bed & Biscuit! This year we decided to celebrate by hosting our First Annual Halloween Costume Contest. The prize includes a $25 credit and a free bath.

The greatest biscuit-inspired Halloween costume in the history of EVER

LOL Thanks Patty! YES, it was like having an outer body experience when I stood right by the gate separating the inside of the park with the outside! All of the spectators calling for her attention so they can take a photo of her gave me a slight experience of what a real celebrity must feel like! It’s dizzying ! ! ! That dress was very heavy too so I was carrying a heavy load around for almost the entire parade but it was all worth it. Keeping Mamma Biscuit high in my arms afforded everyone a view of her in her costume! Happy Halloween!
The Biscuits!

26 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Create With Cardboard

So that’s it folks, Mamma Biscuit’s official Halloween costume for 2015: FRIDA KAHLO! YAY, thank you so much Serena!! If Mamma Biscuit has your seal of approval on a Halloween costume, well then, we know we did something right! Happy Halloween to you, Soda and the entire Pretty Fluffy community!
Pug hugs and kisses!

Super Sexy Women's Halloween Costumes – The Awl

It’s open season on slaying monsters and dragons and Mamma Biscuit is out in full force sporting through Tokyo in search for some soft-chew peanut butter treats! Normally, I would consider Mamma to be a gentle beast however, if you let on just the slightest that your hiding any treats within her vicinity, she’ll turn into a dragon who will stop at nothing to use her one last tooth to intimidate you into revealing your secret stash! Yes, she can be a vicious dragon, especially when she wakes up at 4am every morning and runs circles around my head relentlessly until I wake up to walk and feed her! Despite all of that, I never thought in a million years that this inexpensive dragon costume furnished by Michael’s Craft Store (30% off the regular price thank-you-very-much) would get the Biscuit Lady to perform such mythical feats like barking out swaths of fire from her mouth! I guess when it comes to the consumption of food, Mamma will reveal and utilize the many tricks she has up her sleeve—and who knows if there are more. For starters, how in the hell does she keep her tongue from bursting into flames? Moreover, why would she even bother with fire when she can use that tongue of hers the same way a frog would to fight and catch her prey! Oh the Halloween magic of it all has gotten everyone so shaken up here at the Pug Palace! In fact, the whole damn place shakes when she walks while wearing her dragon attire and it doesn’t bode well for our neighbors who live below us. It feels and sounds like King Kong if he were walking towards your home from a distance—yeah, that fucking scary!

Oct 9, 2012 - Super Sexy Women's Halloween Costumes