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Parrot people know that are crucial for their pet birds, but cage space must be considered. For obvious reasons, cages need to give pet birds lots of room in which to move around. However, even the largest cages provide no exercise if they are so overloaded with toys that the bird cannot turn around. Instead, owners should place a few toys in the cage and rotate them weekly. This keeps a bird? life more interesting. Not only does it have a changing variety of toys for stimulation, it also has lots of room in which to play.

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When outfitting a new birdcage, it can help to try and visualize the environment from the bird’s perspective. Parrot cages are meant to provide protection, sanitation and prevent escape. While these functions are crucial to parrot health, they by no means encompass the entire spectrum of variables contributing to quality of life. A crucial first step is selecting a large enough cage to offer healthy movement and hold accessories that also contribute to proper parrot health. A variety of perches and toys can offer many health benefits for birds by encouraging natural behaviors such as:

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Bird Cages For Parrots Used pet bird cages in antique shops or at garage sales may have been repaired or repainted with questionable materials, or the former parrot may have succumbed to a contagious disease. Without knowing the pet bird cage’s history, it’s better to assume the pet bird cage is unsuitable for your parrot.

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One of the best places to purchase glass bird cages is here at Custom Cages. We are a custom manufacturer of high-quality, top-of-the line bird enclosures for every type of parrot imaginable and provide durable glass panels for your enclosures. While most of our cages come standard with acrylic panels, you can request glass. Custom Cages’s skilled, knowledgeable staff will help you place your order and determine the best material for your glass bird cages. You can even go online to custom configure glass bird cages right from your computer. If you run into any complications, simply pick up the phone and call up our friendly staff.

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Featherland has carefully considered the space requirements for the many individual species which might be housed in each cage model. Our top priority is to provide your birds with a safe home. Upon simple inspection you will be able to determine that our craftsmanship and attention to detail is unsurpassed. All Featherland parrot cages are available in stainless steel or a powder coat finish.Finding the right bird cage for your parrot is important. We know that making the right choice will help your bird to be comfortable, healthy and happy. Our parrot cages are from the industries most respected manufacturers. Finding the right style for your home and budget is also important.