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Thanks again for your reply, Bluebirder! :)

I am hoping this little bluebird family was able to find another place to nest, but we were SO looking forward to watching the process. We've had success with a few house finches, but bluebirds don't seem to do well here in the 'burbs.

Yes. We have a lot of House Sparrows in and around our property. Nothing seems to have taken up residence in the bird bottle since the Bluebirds were "kicked out". Thank you again for the links. I will definitely check them out!

We now seem to have an Indigo Bunting hanging around our feeders regularly. We are loving all of the different colors and species of birds this year...we've even had a turkey! :)

Thanks again for your help!


Exterior, Bird and The Bottle, a new Stark Reality Restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA

Repeat demonstrating the bottle to your pet bird until you are comfortable that your bird is drinking during the day. You may want to put the bottle up to your face, and tap it with your nose so that the pet bird can see your face touching the metal ball. Or, pick up your pet bird, and tap its beak against the metal ball to make water come out. Most pet birds don’t need any more of a prod than that.

Bird and The Bottle, a new Stark Reality Restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA

Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Mombo Sauce, $24 (Feeds several) Bird and The Bottle Forget buying expensive, decorative sugar-water feeders. Now you can make your own homemade hummingbird feeder for just a few bucks using a recycled bottle and copper accents, one that is a decorative addition to any backyard. You’ll be amazed at how fun and easy it is to make this one-of-a-kind craft idea. You’ll be attracting hummingbirds to this feeder before you know it!

Bird and The Bottle, a new Stark Reality Restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA

In , the Takkuri is a rather large bird that flies around the entrance to the area of . As it sees , it swoops down and attacks him. If the Takkuri makes a successful hit, it will steal Link's items such as an empty or even his . The bird will then fly away to with the item. The bird seems to work for the , and as such, stolen items such as the Bottle and Sword can later be bought back at the .

Bird and The Bottle, a new Stark Reality Restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA

We recently had a pair of bluebirds take up residence in a bird bottle we hung on the front corner of our house. They have been busy building a nest inside and prepping to start their new little family.

This morning, we went out to feed the birds in the back yard and noticed on the ground below the bird bottle was the nest intact. It looks like the nest was invaded and cleaned out by another species of bird (??). Upon further investigation of the bird bottle, there was still one tiny blue egg left inside. I did climb on a ladder, returned the nest back inside the bottle, and put the egg in the nest. Will the birds come back, or is it too late? Should I just clean it out?

Also, the male is hanging around and is also watching from afar, but I haven't yet seen the female. He seems to be waiting for her (??).

We were SO excited to finally have a family of bluebirds utilize this bird bottle. They have tried, unsuccessfully, for many years to nest in the newspaper boxes under our mailboxes. We were hopeful about this bird bottle, to then have this happen. :o( Thank you for your reply, Bluebirder!

I am sad to say that there really has been no activity in or around the bird bottle in the days following my initial post. :( I have not seen either the male or the female at all since I returned the nest and egg back to the bottle.

Yes. It is one of the wide mouthed colonial style bottles. It has been hanging on the front of our house for 9 years and this is the first family we have seen attempt to use it, in as many years. They usually build their nests in the newspaper boxes below our mailbox and sadly the same thing would happen.

We have a lot of different species of birds in and around our yard...especially sparrows. It is quite the hangout for birds! :) Because we have so many sparrows, is it even possible for bluebirds to raise a family successfully in or around our property?

I will definitely check out the links you have shared. Thank you for taking time to reply to my post. You have been very helpful. :)