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Coral ice Biocube 29 Reef tank with upgraded LED (Steve's LED's). 14,000K Full Specturm JMB Special = LEDs included in this selection are 4x 4,000K, 4x Lime, 14x Royal Blue, 6x Cool Blue. Gutted out the original lighting and fans in hood and ordered Steve's LEDs online (99% completed retrofit kit with Typhon timer and automatic dimming control unit). Easy to install, but does take time in order to prep the hood to keep the original stock look. Able to grow corals much better now. May try some SPS corals.

-live CaribSea special grade sand
-Innovative Ghost Skimmer
-Purigen & Chemipure EIlte
-InTank Media Basket

-Purple Firefish
-Picasso Clown
-Diamond Watchman Goby
-Tiger Pistol Shrimp
-Midas Blenny
-Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
-Blood Red Fire Shrimp
-10 hermit crabs
-5 snails

Sure, I hear stories of SOME people keeping hard corals just fine in their biocubes with the stock lighting but I'd rather not take the chance.

Here's the setup. The picture doesn't really do justice, but it looks great and IMO, the stock lighting is very good. A quick question though, I saw some condylactis anemones at Petco for like $7.00 but I read somewhere you can't keep anemones in a biocube... why is that? I asked Petco, and they don't have any special lighting or anything. They just have them sitting in the tank.

BioCube 14 LED Light System - Extreme SPS, Fully Loaded

I'm installing my Typhon dimmer on my Coralife Biocube 29 today. I have the Steve's LED upgrade lights which is  and I am planning to convert my reef 29 Biocube into freshwater planted. I really like the simplicity of freshwater, and I was hoping this cube is a good way to start. However, I am wondering if the lighting is capable of rearing/ propagating very light-demanding species, such as Hemianthus callichtroides, or Baby Tears. I will be using 2x 36w 10,000K PC's.. I don't have much experience in planted aquariums, but do know they are adequate for java moss, java fern, and cryptocorynes, LPS and soft corals...

Good, and cheap lights for a 29g biocube

I'll share some of the pictures of the build. It turned out much better than I imagined. This is just to give others some ideas of how to do this in case you are wanting to upgrade the lights on your biocube in a simple way and get away from the PC lights it comes with.

Setting the lights on a 32 Biocube LED - YouTube

I just recently purchased a 29 Gal BioCube which I have filled up with tap water to do a test run on all my equipment. The question I have is about the lighting system. The hood of the BioCube has a 10,000K daylight compact florescent and a blue actinic 03 florescent bulb and two lunar blue moon glow LED lights.Another option is a 24 inch 4 bulb T5 light. They fit and like LEDs can pretty much keep any coral. The upside is no more hood so heat can escape. Down side is evap and possibly fish jumping out but you can make a screen top. Its up to you. I used T5 fixture on Biocubes and it worked out great.I'm still struggling to understand what lighting in necessary for corals (LPS and softies mostly, but shedding light on SPS would be nice too). I've searched online and the forums and learned a bit, but I can't find any hard descriptions of what is the proper amount of light for corals to thrive (I know alot depends on size and depth of the tank). I know the new coralife biocube has upgraded lighting compared to the oceanic, but are those lights good to support some hardier corals until I can invest in some more mods?She's got inert gravel, some java fern, and some crypts. Problem is the lights on the biocube are a 24w 10,000K and actinic. Will the 10,000K bulb do anything at all for those plants? Or should she get the 28w 6700K replacement bulb? That would bring her up to 2wpg--would she then need to add Excel and ferts?