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I don't know how powerful the water pump that comes with the 29-gallon Oceanic Biocube is or how many gallons per hour it puts out, but I would be happy to go over my usual guidelines regarding water movement in a seahorse tank with you, JoAnn. In general, the filtration system for a seahorse tank should turn over the entire volume of the tank a MINIMUM of five times per hour, so if the water pump for the Oceanic Biocube isn't pumping at least 150 gallons per hour, then the system may actually be undercirculated.. It's difficult to quantify the water flow beyond that because the optimal flow depends to some extent on the dimensions of the aquarium, particularly the height, and largely upon what type of water return the filtration system uses. For example, if the filtration system features a waterfall return or a spray bar return positioned above the surface of the water to provide better surface agitation and oxygenation, both of which effectively diffuse the discharge from the filter, you can easily use a water pump that turns over the entire volume of the tank 10 times per hour (or even 20 times per hour under certain circumstances) without generating too much turbulence or water flow for seahorses.

I rarely hear complaints about the biocube for seahorses other then on this site.

Regarding the 29-gallon biocube, JoAnn, as you know, they are designed primarily with reefkeepers in mind. As a result, they typically provide the powerful water currents and high intensity lighting, which live corals require in order to thrive. That can sometimes make the biocubes a bit problematic for seahorses, since they do best with moderate water currents and relatively cool water temperatures. Tropical seahorses such as Mustangs and Sunbursts (Hippocampus erectus) are most comfortable with stable water temperatures in the range of 72°F-77°F, and they can begin to experience heat stress and associated health problems when the water temperature approaches 80°F or above for any length of time.

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The San Jose Biocube is the new edge for small companies in biotech. We are making it possible for companies to take their research further. The bottom line is that in our opinion the Coralife Biocube 14 is an excellent choice to consider if you want your own small coral reef. It comes with everything you need including lights, a 3 stage filter, sumps, a water pump, and more. Of course it doesn’t come with coral or fish, but the fun is in choosing what you want on the inside!

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What better way to showcase your prized aquatic habitat than on a pedestal stand designed to complement the Coralie LED BioCube aquariums. Tinted acrylic panels and slim black handles. Shelf for convenient storage of tools, equipment and food. Sturdy feet to keep base elevated. Cut-out holes in the back for routing of electrical cords. Easy to set up and made of water-resistant materials.

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