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the place where my dream happened was very familiar, it was across my house saw baby red parrots in a cage and next to it saw a majestic macaw parrot look at me constantly at that time i felt the love that the parrot was trying to show and it flew away to the parking lot where i followed it as it settles down it still keeps looking at me i try to get hold of it twice but i couldnt take it in my hands as it was too big and was afraid to capture it, by then random people had come to see the parrot and of them took it away, as that happened i woke up and now i want to buy one.

Big Red Parrot Fish SMOOCH!

Drastic action to save Red Parrot Cichlid
Red Parrot Cichlid Egg Bound - 10/10/10

My 6 year old Red Parrot Cichlid, for the second time in two years, hasbecome egg bound and/or constipated. She is in fine health at othertimes, laying every two weeks or so. But these two times have almostkilled her.
I've resorted, both times, to catching her in a net, placing her ona towel, and literally pulling the clog (which is a gel, incased in arather strong, clear skin...and in which I can see eggs) out of herwith tweezers.
Afterward, she has huge bowel movements for two days, but immediatelyseems to feel much better. When I say huge, I mean they are as bigaround as a pencil, and almost as long. I have tried lower proteinfoods, and she seems fine until...Is there anything you can suggestthat I can do to prevent this? I've just had my water tested, mynumbers are good, her only tank mates are a Tropheus and a Peacockcichlid, and they've all been together for years. My water temp isconstant. I feel like I need to add something to
her diet. Can you please help me?

It is interesting that you found eggs in the clog you removed. Theinfection is sometimes caused by stress or food that the bacteria inthe gut cannot break down.-Chuck>

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