Glasstic Water Bottle - Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle

I actually thought seeing the cord dangle out the back like this would bother me but it really doesn’t at all since it is a clear cord. I guess I don’t really look at it from the side anyway, and it is a glass water jug lamp so it just adds to the funky unexpected nature of the lamp. No biggie to me.

Big glass water bottle empty and closed demijohn isolated on white background.

First of: for the sake of the environment, each year 35 billion water bottles are thrown in the trash in the U.S. When you use a reusable bottle, you can chose which bottle you want, and what you put in it. It is also much cheaper to drink tap water instead of bottled water, bottled water can cost up to 500 times as much as tap water, when buying a reusable bottle, your investment is quickly returned. Here is a fun and shocking fact, nearly half of the water in bottled water, is actually just tap water. Another big plus with buying a water bottle, is the fact that you get to have a much nicer lid, and you can have a bottle that is made out of something better than plastic, such as glass, steel or aluminum. Here at Best Water Bottle your mission is to help you find the best water bottle, instead of wasting money on bottled water, and help spare the environment.

Manufacturer of the Original Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle

I’m a big fan of glass water bottles since it won’t leach out any icky chemicals and it won’t alter the flavor of your water in any way. I just love my Lifefactory Water Bottle..It is big enough to hold my ice tea and that it is made of glass..have put it in the dishwasher and came out fine..have had alot of compliments about it at Whole Foods..they carry the bottles for babies and just might be ordering the bottle that I had!! More business for them and less plastic for Mother Earth!!

KORKEN Bottle with stopper - IKEA

I love my water bottle and have given it as a gift too. Drinking from glass tastes much better than from staneless steel, which is what my other water bottles were. Easy to clean in the dish washer and the covering really protects the glass. The mouth is nice and wide and ice goes in easily. I was so happy when I just found out they came out with a smaller 16oz size now - my only complaint had been that it was a little too big, but that's solved! yay :)

Bottle with stopper, clear glass