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Owners of intact ferrets, those still able to reproduce, face special odor-control issues. As ferrets approach breeding season, their hormone levels spike, stimulating those sebaceous glands we talked about earlier to go into overdrive. The more oils produced, the more scent a ferret has. Big hobs want to entice a pretty little jill, and she has been busy making herself desirable for that handsome hob. In all the excitement, a lot of poofing may take place. Breeders are prepared for this, and know how to deal with their ferrets’ special needs.

It may serve to try as many of those options as possible & then try to the bi-odor on top of it.

Each subject was administered two odor detection threshold tasks, with lyral or citralva as the active odorant. Presentation order was counterbalanced across subjects. Trained technicians administered the tasks birhinally in a single reversing staircase, forced-choice format. Two vials, one containing mineral oil and one containing the active odorant diluted in mineral oil, were presented sequentially and the subject was asked to identify the vial that “smells stronger.” Concentrations of both odorants ranged from 10−1 M (strongest) to 10−9 M (weakest) in 0.5 log step dilution increments. The test began at the 10−5 M step, and odor concentration was increased in full-molar steps until correct detection occurred on five consecutive trials at a given concentration. Odor concentration was then increased or decreased in half-molar increments, depending upon performance on two trials at each concentration step (i.e., odor concentration was decreased after two correct trials and increased after an incorrect trial). The geometric mean of the last four staircase reversal points (out of seven total reversals) was taken as the estimate of odor detection threshold sensitivity (i.e., the weakest odor concentration that could be reliably identified).

Can I use Bi Odor for a Male Rat

Bi-Odor is a revolutionary product that internally deodorizes pet's waste, urine and body odors. A few pumps of Bi-Odor added dail Seed mixes are bad because commercially available seed mixes are not suitable for rats. This may be causing some of your problem, too, and why the Bi-Odor isn't working at all. The mix has alot of things that are just plain fattening, dried corn which can harbor mold/bacteria and just isn't really something that most animals don't digest well, and some mixes contain alfalfa which is completely useless to a rat.

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Order some HT blocks online, seed mixes are BAD! Then I would change their bedding to either fleece, flannel, old towels (found at goodwill for dirt cheap because they will tear them up), things like this make good lining for the cage and it absorbs WAY more than newspaper. Bi-odor doesn't seem to help my boys at all, it kind of works for a few weeks, then they are back to being stinky again.

"Bi-Odors Waste Deodorizer will virtually eliminate these odors