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Bettas who live in fish bowls have a lifespan of two to three years. Betta fish are very territorial when it comes to their environment. Make sure that your betta fish gets sufficient exercise if you want to increase its lifespan. Another important factor to remember in increasing the life span of a betta fish is its diet. Bettas are carnivores and they would kill for mosquito larvae. But when in captivity, they would be happy if you feed them with frozen brine shrimps and bloodworms.

So there I was researching the “life span of a Betta fi sh” when I came upon a gruesome discovery…

I have now learned that I just didn't know enough to keep him happy and healthy. I listened to the "chain pet store" that sold him to us. He insisted that the fish did not need a lot of space. We kept him in a vase. We changed his water every two weeks with bottled water and fed him daily. We had two bettas and Gatorfish was the most lively fellow. I changed his water this afternoon and it was full to the top. He somehow flipped himself out and landed on the counter. We found him there and placed him back into his vase. He was alive however, a couple hours later he wasn't. My son is devestated. I went on the internet to find out lifespan to reassure him that Gator led a long life for a fish and discovered that not only it wasn't long but it could have been better quality. I would have gladly bought him a bigger home if the so called "Betta expert" at the pet store had recommended it. I am going out tomorrow to get a better home, a thermometer and plants for our remaining fish. THanks everyone for all the info....

Bettas splendens/imbellis in the wild - average life span

A betta’s natural life span is 3 – 4 years. Some bettas have been known to live for 5 years. In order to enhance the lifespan of your betta fish, you should clean its water at least once in a week. Moreover, betta fish requires minerals in water; however, regular tap water can have additives like chlorines which can kill your fish.

What's a betta's 'normal' lifespan

I've heard the lifespans for Betta Fish are supposed to be much longer than this, so I turn to the community to find out where I am going wrong with my care.

Betta fish are fighters both in nature in life span

A common question for many of us to have when choosing a pet is how long do they live? When it comes to Betta fish, there is a rather wide range of ages that encompass the Betta fish life span. Bettas generally live, on average, between 2-6 years. Those that live in small fishbowls, vases, or other undersized environments tend to live between 2-3 years. Very well cared for Bettas that have a larger environment that is stimulating and nutrient rich can live as long as 6 years.There are factors that will both positively and negatively effect a Betta fish life span. The better the Bettais cared for, the more the owner knows about the care and maintenance of these special fish, and the morestimulating of an environment one can provide will certainly add to the Bettas life span. There are many ways thatyou can help maintain an optimal environment for your Betta fish to help ensure it lives as long and full of a lifeas possible.