There really can't be telling which one is the BEST overall

Hamsters range in size from the 6- to 7-inch Syrian hamsters to the 2-inch Roborovski hamsters. For a child who’s at least 6 years old, the best choice is the sturdy Syrian, which has an agreeable temperament and is willing to be handled during the times it’s awake. Because of their speed and small size, both of which predispose them to being escape artists, the Chinese and the various dwarf hamsters should be kept only by adults or responsible children who are at least 12 years old.

Best For: Children 8 and older; hamsters are nocturnal -- unlike young kids

Hamsters are best known as starter pets for children, but they may be better suited to night owls or people who enjoy observing their entertaining behavior after a long day at work. Nocturnal by nature, hamsters awaken at sunset and are active throughout the night. They can be nippy if awakened or handled during the day when they’re trying to sleep. Most are solitary or are compatible with only one other hamster of the same sex, to which they’ve been introduced at an early age.

It really depends on yoru personal preference

In my personal experience, Syrian hamsters are best for younger children. Never had a dwarf though, Syrians only. Dwarf = I want one! I agree that syrians are probably the best for the reasons you already mentioned, but I think that when a child is responsible enough for a hamster, they're responsible enough to get a less handle-able hamster too. After all, a syrian can have an unusual personaity and be as skittish as a dwarf, you never know.

Is a hamster a good pet for kids

Once you have decided it is time to get them a real hamster, you have to decide what species. Syrians, in my opinion are best for younger children as they are bigger, can be tamed easily, and are super tolerant . i defenitly do not suggest dwarfs as they are speedy and escape easier.

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Playing with a hamster is something that is nothing that dramatic or drastic. It is best to buy a cage with is multi-tiered and comes with a lot of tubes and tunnels and has some installed games in it too. Playing around with the hamster definitely keep the mind of the children fresh and cheerful. It also keeps them engaged in a daily activity and also helps them gain information more on the behavior of the hamster.Syrian hamsters are the largest captive hamsters and the most popular choices for hamster pets, according to the Pet Web Site. Also called golden hamsters or standard hamsters, these members of the rodent family are best kept by themselves, as they can be antisocial and aggressive toward members of their own species. Syrian hamsters sometimes reaching lengths of 7 inches. Their size makes them easier for kids to handle than smaller hamsters. Syrian hamsters require less maintenance than other types, too, another reason why they're a good choice for children. Teddy bear hamsters are popular long-haired versions of Syrian hamsters.