What would be the best food for a Syrian hamster

Hazel Hamster is probably the most recommended brand here. The best thing about Hazel Hamster is that it lacks sugary additives and binders (molasses, honey, dextrose, cane sugar, etc.). The pellets are also a variety of textures, which makes the food more interesting to hamsters.

These ingredients make Kaytee Fiesta one of the best food for hamsters.

There really isn't a single "best" food. Different foods have different pros and cons - I don't know that I would say that any one food is universally and completely better than another in all situations. Also, keep in mind that hamsters need both a block food and a seed mix to have a complete, healthy diet.

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I just got a Chinese Hamster and I was wondering what the best food is. Hazel Hamster and actually the Mazuri blocks, they don't sell them in stores anymore and my hamsters actually loved those the best even though they seemed the most dull looking food to me

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There sadly isn't one single "best" food out there The best thing I would aim for is variety and healthy nutrition meaning to me using some (about 3-4) different Foods For what works for me is using the Oxbow, Vitacraft Vitasmart hamster food, and the Kaytee rat, mouse, and hamster lab blocks. About the master food list PH500 linked you it informs you that the peas in hamster food are sugary but they are not (reason pointed out ) But the thing with mixing is You can unbalance the diet My hamster is fairly old so the bit of low Protein (16%-17%) won't be too bad but since you hamster is young It may be best with higher Protein (18%-22%) I will skim the list and pick out some good foods (even if said not good on the master food list) (oh and Since most hamsters do not eat oxbow or hazel hamster I will not include those foods) (not in any order)

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What is the best brand of food? There are many brands that claim to be the “best”, but all have their pros and cons. Some foods I suggest (for hamsters) are Vitakraft Vitasmart, Carefresh Complete Menu, Hazel Hamster (Harry Hamster in the UK), Mazuri, Oxbow, or Kaytee Forti-Diet. I’ve heard good things about Harlan Teklad, but have never used it myself.Hungry hamsters need a balanced diet full of grains, leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. But that balance is delicate, which means a commercially prepared hamster food is usually your best bet for a healthy hamster. Your pet will enjoy a few tiny tasty treats sprinkled in, but keep them in moderation so his weight doesn't get out of control.