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Food grade diatomaceous earth is non-toxic to humans and animals and may be directly applied to animals, although caution needs to be used in certain cases. Because it is a desiccant, it may cause issues in animals (and people) with asthma or other respiratory problems. Jodi recommends that people with respiratory conditions wear a mask when applying DE. Avoid putting it directly on an animal with respiratory problems, or at the very least keep it away from his face. It is also best not to apply diatomaceous earth to the animal if he has dry or irritated skin.

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We find that individuals that are overweight or obese find the best result with food grade diatomaceous earth as it is cleaning out massive amounts of toxin form the intestinal tract. This results in better absorption of critical nutrients and thus may speed up metabolism, resulting in weight loss and a feeling satisfaction from eating less food. We should not consider food grade diatomaceous earth to be a weight loss supplement but rather a cleanse of your digestive tract so you are able to absorb more and eat less junk.

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best Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 10 lb. by Natures Wisdom (Two 5 lb. bags in a box) For all your diatomaceous earth needs, it’s best to use DE that meets the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) standards. This kind is typically referred to as food grade diatomaceous earth. It’s basically the bee’s knees of DE because it’s natural and unaltered. This is the grade you want to use as your pesticide, feed additive, deodorizer, cleaner, etc. The best way to tell if the DE is food grade is by the label on the package.

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By now, if you keep chickens you have come across or at least heard about diatomaceous earth. It has many uses and benefits for the backyard flock. Diatomaceous earth was formed a very long time ago. It is made from fossilized, microscopic, hard-shelled algae called diatoms. Diatomaceous earth attacks fleas, ticks, mites, and digestive tract worms by slicing into the outer shell or layer of their bodies. This process, called desiccation, leads to dehydration causing most of the pests to die in a matter of hours. Diatomaceous earth works best in dry settings. When wet, it’s effectiveness is questionable. When you are using diatomaceous earth with your chickens be sure that it is food grade diatomaceous earth only (FGDE). This is critical as diatomaceous earth is used in other situations and not all diatomaceous earth on the market is food grade.

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Untreated, pure Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade (85%+ )) is quickly becoming known for an immaculately impressive list of health benefits and non-toxic, no-known side effect origins. Nicknamed the 'grass of the sea' for all aquatic life forms and an ancient treasure in the modern health world, many enthusiastic- silica-advocates are calling it mother nature's best kept secret and a true miracle mineral for human health...So you might be wondering how to know what the right kind of diatomaceous earth is to buy. It really isn’t difficult to find places to purchase food grade diatomaceous earth. The best thing to do is look online for it. You might not always be able to find it in local shops in the area where you live.