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Despite the few potential flaws, it is safe to say that Andis is still one of the best hair clipper manufacturers in the world. The company consistently delivers high-quality products and extensive warranties. Below, you will discover some of the best offerings from the company.

We are looking at andis clippers, most the people I've talked to, say they are the best..

Undoubtedly, the Andis Fade are the best clippers for fades for people who can’t shell out a lot of cash. For the rather humble price, you’re getting a quality hair cutting machine for more than decent fade haircuts.

Andis FadeMaster – The Ultimate FADE Clipper - Best Hair Clippers

I have an American and English cocker. What model of Andis clippers are the best for these types of dogs? Overview: When it comes to giving the best to your pet, there is no chance of settling for anything less than the best. For those of you who demand the best quality in dog clippers for their thickly coated pets, the Andis UltraEdge AGC2 2-Speed Professional Pet Blade Clipper is worth a try. This dog clipper has gained popularity because of its amazing features and an incredible appearance.

What Are The Best Andis 2 Speed Horse Clippers Available

Going to learn to clip my mini poodle. I keep her pretty short... puppy cut. I don't mind spending the money, but because she has fine hair, not thick fur...what is the best clipper for this? Sounds like the Andis 2 speed is nice...but there are several models, including a less expensive animal version....need some guidance please

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