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Give your pup the holistic nutrition that meets his unique needs with the Solid Gold Green Cow Tripe in Beef Broth Grain-Free Canned Dog Food. It’s made with green beef tripe for an irresistible taste even the pickiest eaters will love. Since it contains partially digested plant matter, naturally occurring gastric juices and essential digestive enzymes, it provides the nutrients dogs need to thrive including vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Naturally low in phosphorus, it’s great for dogs with kidney disease and it’s highly digestible so it’s ideal for sensitive tummies. The grain-free formula is made in the USA with no carrageenan, gluten, wheat, or chemical preservatives. Plus, it’s also available in easy-to-serve 3.5 ounce cups that can be served as complete meals or as a tasty dry food topper or mixer.

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Another popular brand of canned tripe is Green Cow by Solid Gold. With a higher number of ingredients, including a vitamin ‘pack’, this tripe is certainly not tripe only. Packed in beef broth, this mixture also includes potatoes and vitamin supplements – probably to help it reach AAFCO standards. The reasoning behind the potato? Not sure. One analysis claims that it is a wholesome vegetable and since it is a complex carbohydrate, is a source of energy for your dog. Unfortunately, dogs do not use carbs as a source of energy -they use fat. Potatoes are, by in large, starch. Starch turns to sugars in the body and is something that dogs simply don’t need. Is it harmful? Not particularly, but is something that one would want to avoid for a dog suffering from cancer or diabetes and is not optimal for any dog. Beef broth is another added ingredient – ostensibly as a replacement for water in the hope that it would provide more nutrition. Is it necessary? Probably not, but since the tripe itself has gone through a canning process, we can assume that some of the nutrition has been compromised so the addition of the beef broth may bring more to the table. Sodium content of the broth is a valid question and with the added element of salt, further down the ingredients list, is something to watch. A vitamin pack has been added so that the product can be said to comply with AAFCO standards.

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Nutritional Target Map for Beef, variety meats and by-products, tripe, raw While canned tripe may be a better alternative than other canned commercial foods, it is certainly NOT the equivalent of fresh frozen raw green tripe. By virtue of the simple fact that its canned, it is obviously not as viable nutritionally speaking. Heat kills nutrients. The probiotics and digestive enzymes are most assuredly compromised via the canning process. The extra ingredients added to some of them are unnecessary and not always the best thing for your dog. Mixing protein sources can be an issue when you have a dog who is allergic or intolerant to certain meats. None of these things are an issue with A Place For Paws fresh frozen Beef Tripe. You know what you are getting, you know that the important nutrients are intact, and you know that there are no added fillers, preservatives or funny ingredients. Its all usable, its all fresh, its all nutritionally sound. Minimal processing means the product remains largely unchanged from its natural state. Our ground tripe is simply ground and frozen. The Tripe Strips are cut and frozen. No unnecessary handling, nothing that would compromise the final product. 100% pure goodness without question.

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