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There's not really a set age to adopt a bearded dragon at, because like most reptiles they don't care for their young after they hatch. What you're going to want to consider is how much time you have to care for it, and your experience with reptiles.

of Thrones fans), your moment has arrived: bearded dragons up for adoption!

A young bearded dragon located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts is in need of a new home. He is 16 inches long, healthy, and tame. He may be adopted for a small re-homing fee for him alone or with his enclosure and accessories for an additional fee or best offer. For more information, please go to:

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3 month old Leatherback Tiger bearded dragon for adoption [jaxbeardie] Adoption Requirements for Bearded Dragons. Enclosure: – Minimum size of enclosure should be 40 gallon breeder or equivalent (36” x 18” footprint) for smaller ...

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UPDATE: After receiving veterinary care and TLC at PETA’s shelter for more than four months, Esmeralda has found a new home with a kind woman in New York whose heart broke when she read about the suffering and neglect that the deformed bearded dragon endured at Reptiles by Mack before she was rescued by PETA. The woman had recently lost her rescued “beardie,” Sparky, whom she had lived with for over four years, and she was ready to adopt another beardie in need. Look at these two: Is this a match made in heaven or what?

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