Beard Cage: Video of Bird Cage made of Long Facial Hair!

The winner of the 1991 Beard and Mustache Championships in had a beard cage that encaged his entire head with a functional door in front of his mouth that opened and closed; in a video, he opened the beard door to drink from a teacup. In the 2015 Beard and Mustache Championships in , another beard cage was presented: the only difference being that this cage was larger and a birdcage.

One man has let his beard grow so long he was able to turn it into a fully functioning "birdcage."

Is this a series reboot with the title just being "Medal of Honor" sans subtitle? It looks more like a biker game instead.

Also, beard bird cages ftw.

Fort Collins Man Builds His Beard into a Birdcage - 94.3 the X

Bat-Stache is cool, Spiral Beard is neat, but no one will ever top Birdcage Beard. Brooks recently traveled to the New York to present the “Just Because” award at the National Beard & Moustache Championship on Nov. 7. At the championship in Brooklyn, he unveiled the show stopping birdcage design created by hairstylist Adam Maclay, Brooks

Man's beard becomes a birdcage - Austin American-Statesman

this was from some beard contest from back in the day. guy who enters at :21 seconds will blow your mind! this dude better have won because that beard is amazing. he totally styled it like a birdcage around his freaking head.

dean beakin is my new hero!!!!!!!!!!! sorry vid is bad quality. had to record it off old-ass VHS tape.

This Man Built A Bird Cage Out Of His Beard - Petcha

Recently, Brooks used his facial hair for his weirdest creation yet…this birdcage that lives over his head, because you don’t choose #BeardLife, #BeardLife chooses you. Nothing can prepare you for the beard cage. It’s a bird cage made entirely out of real beard hair, attached to a real face. And it’s even got a real door.Brooks unveiled his fully functioning beard birdcage at the National Beard & Moustache Championship on Nov. 7 in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he was presenting the Traveler Beer Company’s “Just Because” award.New Books from Birdcage Bottom is releasing three new books: Bangs and Beard Diary by Melinda Tracy Boyce and Aaron Whitaker, Left Empty #1 by Jamie Vayda and Alan King, and Pyramid Scheme by Josh Burggraf and Victor Kerlow. Bangs and Beard Diary is on my list of SPX debuts to pick up. Looks cute! The Beard and the Birdcage, 2015 - an original oil on canvas by Ilya Volykhine. 50x50cm Funny, lyrical situations about the relationships we have. We encountered plenty of colorful characters, from a man who stayed up all night crafting his beard to a guy who molded his facial hair into the shape of a birdcage. Consider it the ultimate Movember inspiration.