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The heated toilet seats are operated using a battery making it easier to operate and give you the advantage of keeping the toilet seat warm even during a blackout.

Mar 20, 2017 - Toilet Seat Inspire Heated Toilet Seat Cover Battery Operated Toilet Seat Warmer

WARNINGDo not use or allow occupants to usethe seat heater if you or the occupantscannot monitor elevated seat temperaturesor have an inability to feel pain inbody parts that contact the seat. Use ofthe seat heater by such people couldresult in serious injury.CAUTION The battery could run down if theseat heater is operated while theengine is not running.
Do not use the seat heater forextended periods or when no oneis using the seat.
Do not put anything on the seatwhich insulates heat, such as ablanket, cushion, seat cover, etc.Otherwise, the seat may becomeoverheated.
Do not place anything hard or heavyon the seat or pierce it with a pin orsimilar object. This may result indamage to the heater.
Any liquid spilled on the heated seatshould be removed immediatelywith a dry cloth.
When cleaning the seat, never usegasoline, thinner, or any similarmaterials.
If any malfunctions are found or theheated seat does not operate, turnthe switch off and have the systemchecked by a NISSAN dealer.
The seats are warmed by built-in heaters. Theswitches located on the center console and reardoors (if so equipped for rear seats) can beoperated independently of each other.1. Start the engine.
2. Select heat range.1 For high heat, push the HI (High) side ofthe switch.
2 For low heat, push the LO (Low) side ofthe switch.The indicator light in the switch 3 willilluminate when the heater is on.3. To turn off the heater, return the switch tothe level position. Make sure the indicatorlight goes off.The heater is controlled by a thermostat,automatically turning the heater on and off.The indicator light will remain on as long asthe switch is on.When the vehicle’s interior is warmed, orbefore you leave the vehicle, be sure to turnoff the switch.

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Heated seats are a great way to keep warm and comfortable during the cold winter months You would be suprised how much heat it puts off for not being battery operated. Even when I wear my carhart bibs I can still feel the heat from the pad through them. It wont matter if your body is cold your backside will stay warm. Plus you dont have to worry about a battery dieing on those longer hunts. I'd say take a good look at the hot seat before spending twice as much on the gerber battery operated one.

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