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Not to worry, just strap him up in this Baby Batman Costume and he’ll feel right at home protecting the streets, sidewalks, garden, hedges, and front lawn from the menacing plans of the Joker. We know it’ll be tough making sure your little hero doesn’t grapple hook out of his bedroom every night, intent on stopping the brilliant Riddler from digging up your rose bush, or tearing him away from a wrestling match with the gigantic Bane – you know, the 3 year-old at the end of the block. But in the end, you’ll be able to sleep easy, because your baby Batman will keep you and your manor safe, even from the terrifying Scarecrow that haunts your backyard every year around Halloween.

DIY Baby Batman Halloween Costume- could be used for any super hero that wears underwear on the outside.

Gotham is ready for a real hero to save them from the perils of the Joker and Bane, so suit up in one of our Batman costumes. Show off those muscles as you carry buckets of candy from house to house when you truly become the Dark Knight this Halloween. Go old school in a gray and blue Brave and Bold Batman kids costume and then have your best friend embrace the iconic sidekick in a Robin costume. The whole family can become the mysterious DC Comics superhero with our selection including womens, mens, and baby costumes.

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What would Batman look like if he were bitten by a zombie? Imagine it no more! Here is a zombie Batman Halloween costume in adult sizes. It’s a well-known fact that all the best superheroes work with others. Whether they have their go to like Batman and Robin, or they’re part of a larger team like the Justice League or Avengers, it goes to show that working together accomplishes more than going solo. If you’re going out this Halloween as a couple or a group we think our superhero costumes are the perfect choice. You can create a super team or a dynamic duo and compound your theme for an even more memorable and heroic look.

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As a card-carrying member of The Secret Society of Super Villains, Edward Nigma is a man with a plan. , as he's better known, is not your average evil-doer. This criminal mastermind (portrayed in Batman Forever by Jim Carrey) uses his intellect to devise strategies that really put Batman through the paces. "Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Who's afraid of the big black bat?" It's definitely not The Riddler! Punctuate your look with emerald green fabrics and question mark finishes (don't forget his awesome cane!) – we offer Riddler costumes in many different styles and sizes to fit every mischief-maker on your list this Halloween!

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Even though Robin doesn't get half the amount of credit or the fame that Batman gets. Let’s face it, we all know he's the brains behind all of their superhero operations. He may not have the superhero strength or endless financial support like Batman, but he has more grit and determination than his friend and mentor. Teach your little one how to fight through any obstacle just like Robin does by dressing him up in this Robin costume for Halloween (or you could just let him dress up anytime – crime fighting takes no breaks).This Batman Costume is inspired by Bruce Timm’s popular style of the Caped Crusader, with gray and black colors and the iconic yellow utility belt. Batman’s beefy chest and abdominal muscles are part of the costume, so you won’t have to take 58 gallons of pure anabolic steroids between now and whenever Halloween is in order to complete the effect.