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In passenger vehicle-to-traffic barrier crashes, more than one-fourth of all fatalities involve a rollover (). A debated issue in the roadside safety community is the effect of barrier type on rollover. Anecdotal crash test evidence has suggested that vehicles impacting concrete barriers have an increased likelihood of rollover and researchers have used this to advocate a redesign of the current concrete barriers. In addition, previous research has shown that pickups and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are more likely to roll than cars in vehicle-traffic barrier crashes. What is not known is how pickup and SUV rollover risk differs in this crash mode. Despite this unknown, however, current traffic barrier crash test procedures specify a large pickup truck as the critical test vehicle.

Amateur footage of the moment a police car crashed into barriers in Capitol Hill Washington.

Scott Dixon and Jay Howard collided between turns 1 and 2 at the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, leaving both cars in pieces. Howard tapped the wall in turn 1 before losing control of his vehicle. As he was making his way to the low side of the track, pole sitter Scott Dixon went directly into the back of Howard's car, sending Dixon's car flying. The car actually landed on the safety barrier in the infield.

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Barriers give dogs their own space in the car where they won't distract the driver Some vehicle manufacturers provide mounting points in some of their vehicles designed to accept cargo barriers. In other cases, for reasons of safety, rather than utilizing mounting points designed for child restraints and other purposes, many cargo barriers require specialized mounting brackets, sockets, rust preventatives and trim accessories to be fitted to the vehicle. In these cases, manufacturers may recommend that installation is performed by a trained fitter, as high technical competence is required to correctly install such mounting equipment. A trained fitter may require a few hours to perform such an installation.

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The is a low-cost nylon mesh barrier that simply attaches to headrests or handholds using a bungee clip system. The Pet Net is suitable for front or rear placement, and can prevent a dog from going between the seats, or from leaving the rear cargo area depending on placement.

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In the roadside safety community, there has been debate over the influence of vehicle and barrier type on rollover rates in traffic barrier crashes. This study investigated rollover rates between sport utility vehicles (SUVs), pickup trucks, and cars in vehicle-traffic barrier crashes and has examined the effect of barrier type on rollover risk for concrete barrier and metal barrier impacts. The analysis included 955 barrier impact cases that were selected from 11-years of in-depth crash data available through the National Automotive Sampling System (NASS) / Crashworthiness Data System (CDS). In real world tow-away level longitudinal barrier collisions, the most important predictors of vehicle rollover were found to be vehicle type and whether the vehicle was tracking prior to barrier impact. Based on binary logistic regression, SUVs were found to have 8 times the risk of rollover as cars in barrier impacts. Although pickups were found to have an increased risk of rollover compared to cars, the risk was not as pronounced as that found for SUVs. This finding has direct implications for the full scale crash testing of longitudinal barriers as the testing procedures have been predicated on the assumption that the pickup truck provides a critical or worst case impact scenario. In towaway crashes, our study does not support the notion that concrete barriers have a higher risk of vehicle rollover than metal beam barriers.The purpose of this study is twofold: (1) to examine the effect of barrier type on rollover risk in vehicle-traffic barrier crashes and (2) to compare the rollover rates of SUVs, pickup trucks, and cars in collisions with traffic barriers.