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The old-fashioned bar design for playpens is long gone. Today, you can choose from playpens constructed of several plastic panels or those made of mesh and metal tubing. Either way, it's very important the model you choose offers plenty of ventilation and visual contact with your baby, and it's also essential that the playpen is safe and sturdy.

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The playpen serves as a sort of “safe haven” for babies, featuring a thin mattress enclosed on all four sides by vertical bars. Traditional playpens were built out of wood, but modern versions might also feature metal, plastic, nylon and/or mesh materials. The playpen functions as a safe place for the baby to sleep or play while his parents are busy.

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Plastic Playpen Baby Activity Panel Floor Mat Playground Kids Fun Enclosure Fold There are several different that parents may choose to build for their children. These affordable DIY enclosures are typically easy projects to complete. First, parents will need to decide which type of playpen they would like to build. A can be made of plastic, metal, or wood. These types of may be built in a fixed size or may be able to extend if desired. Another option in child-proofing a specific area and building a make-shift playpen is to build a baby gate and turn an entire room into a playpen. Outdoor playpens can also be made with wire mesh fencing and a baby gate.

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To build a basic playpen from the ground up without any add-ons, several panels of plywood will be needed. The size of these panels should typically be about 3 feet by 3 feet. Before continuing, all edges and corners of the plywood will need to be sanded in order to create a smooth surface so that children will not hurt themselves or obtain splinters while playing in the playpen. The panels can then be attached to each other by using hinges and wood screws. Several panels should be attached to each other until the enclosure is at the desired size. The enclosure can then be completed by attaching a baby gate to each end of the row of panels, forming a circular space for children to play safely inside of.

Other can be created by using playpen fencing. This material is typically made out of metal, wood, or plastic. Some of these fencing options are available in fixed sizes while others can be extended with extension kits or extra panels that can be added as needed.

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