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Compatibility with jd fry? - 1/17/08 Tankmates ForYoung Jack Dempsey's I have 4 jack Dempsey fry about 1 cm bigin my 55 gal. hex tank. They are by themselves, What other fish can Iput with them that they can grow up with? other than a baby plecostomus(sp?)?

baby jack dempsey cichlid i won on a texas hold'em game takes over a once african cichlid owned flower pot.

on 03/01/2016 - Baby Love Bears Crib Quilt Top
I have already completed this quilt once. I love Jack Dempsey Need Art pattens. I put a colored backing on the quilt and had it quilted by a local lady on the machine. I do not like doing the pre quilted quilts as it is difficult to make sure stitches do not go through. I have done many quilts and right now have 4 great grandchilren and 3 more on the way. I am only a quilt ahead so decided to keep on doing them.

This is my new baby jack Dempsey

I just got a jack dempsey and he is just a baby. Every time I feed him flakes he attackes them as if they were alive (lol). He is so cute! My son Brandon was always so compassionate towards and loved animals. So when he was about 16 he decided he wanted fish and he insisted on getting fish that that would grow to be pretty BIG. So he chose a male and female Jack Dempsy. It wasn't long before we had a bunch of fry or baby Dempsies. From those Babies, Brandon kept 4. Brandon died from Hypothermia on January 7, 2007 (3 months short of his 21st birthday). I brought the original pair of Dempsies home with me and my oldest son took the 4 babies home with him. Exactly 6 months after Brandon left us, on 7/7/07, two of the babies had babies. Now I have 3 of the newest babies, my 16 year old son has 6 of them, my 18 year old has 3 of them and my oldest son (the 25 year old) shares the rest of the babies with their Dad (they live in the same home now). It is sort of like we all have such a special part of Brandon now and hopefully, we will have many generations of Brandon's Dempsies to come (we all chose to take 3 or 3 + 3 because Brandon's Varsity Basketball number was 33). By the way, the original Dempsy couple are now about 6 and 8 inches long, the second generation are about 3 and 4 inches, and the newest babies are almost 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch now. I'm so happy Brandon left us with such a special gift.

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When it comes to BJB, here’s what I, personally, wanted to happen: I wanted Bridget’s baby to be Jack’s (Dempsey), but to end up with Mark Darcy (Firth). As for what I thought the movie would assume I wanted to see, though, I was preparing myself for the answer to both questions to be Darcy.


Cichlid had babies
Breeding Jack Dempsey's 6/29/12

We have a 45 gallon corner tank. It has two cichlids and a plecostomus.
They were all 3 bought together at a pet store. They were small and have all been together for 2 years. The plecostomus is about 12 inches and the cichlids are about 7 inches now. They have a decoration in their tank that is a hollow tree trunk. It is about 22 inches tall. The 2 cichlids have been having an argument. The one will nip at the other ones fin and they have been having open mouth fights. They have been digging in the rocks and moving things. Neither one looks stressed and their fights are not looking harmful to each other (No nicks on them). The 2 cichlids look the same (color, size). This has been going on for about a month.
Last night, appeared about 80 babies. They are white/yellowish and have dark stripes on them. I have been reading on here what to do and I am not sure what kind of cichlid these are.

I have attached a picture of the one that would come out and a picture of the plecostomus. The plecostomus would not pose the best but he is brown and black or dark brown spotted.

I have another tank prepared with treated water mixed with original water from the 45. It is a 20 high. I have not transferred anyone yet as I don't know who to transfer and if I have too. We also have a 75 gallon, that is fishless. We have been running the water waiting to figure out what we wanted to put in there. I put the net into the 45 to get the filter piece they broke off. The cichlids hid in and behind the tree stump. There is about 40 babies still swimming around and the cichlids mouth is full looking. Do I need to separate the parents and the babies?

Do I need to take out the plecostomus?

If I do need to separate them all, who do I leave in the original tank, the parents or the babies?

I don't want to stress these guys out. I could try to take a guess what kind of cichlids these are but I know you are the professionals and I want the best results. Thank you Heather

Place the fry in a small tank and feed crushed flake food and baby brine shrimp. -Chuck>I have a baby Jack Dempsey, he's probably an inch, maybe a bit smaller. Anyways, he has the fattest belly I have ever seen on a fish! I immediately thought of dropsy or bloat. I looked in to it and he doesn't have any symptoms of that except the belly. He's swimming vigorously, pooping normally (well, I saw him poop once last night and it was fine, haven't seen it since), eating like a hog, doesn't have any lesions or scales sticking out (as far as I can see but he's small...), etc. And when I say eating like a hog, I mean a HOG. I have him in a tank with a convict and two small africans (all about 2-3" long) and when I feed them, this little guy holds his own, that's for sure! He races around the tank eating more than anyone else. When I look at him from the top of the tank, he looks like an egg with a tail!! His sides are sticking way out!