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Placed online order through Babies R Us registry. Order process easy, gave impression of no impending problems. Couple weeks later, chatting with my niece found out she had not rec. any package from me. This was the start of a long, arduous, unpleasant, frustrating, unsuccessful, totally unacceptable outcome about 6 weeks later. Way too long story shortened, the original order was reordered THREE separate times because it was apparently returned by their delivery company OnTrac all 3 times it had been reordered. Each time was supposed to be ordered and delivered I find out it was never received.

Clearly I was lied to about the delivery by the Babies R Us employees.

On Sept. 27th '09 she and I visited a store here in NY and registered with a clerk at their Baby registry desk. Unbeknown to us at the time, the woman incorrectly entered our home delivery address. However, we have the original form she copied into the system and our address is correct - we accurately wrote down where we live and she copied it.

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Toys Well they finally got here an HOUR LATE and to top it off, they had the wrong item. They accidentally delivered my crib and dresser to someone else. I called babies r us and they told me they would refund me the entire delivery fee. Still waiting for them to return with the correct items

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On Wednesday 5/3 I called again as I never was contacted by the delivery company. After talking to 3 different employees I was told that the chair was to be delivered on Friday 5/5 and that the delivery company would be contacting me shortly to confirm. Immediately after hanging up I received an e-mail for the delivery order. Several hours later after not be contacted by the delivery company I called the contact number from the e-mail. I was told by customer service that my order for delivery was only received that day 5/3 not on 4/28 and that I had to wait up to 48 hours to be contacted about setting up a delivery. Clearly I was lied to about the delivery by the Babies R Us employees. With a baby on the way I will for sure need lots of baby items over the next couple of years, however I will never do business with Babies R Us or Toys R Us again.

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NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- As I was expecting my first child to arrive in late November of 2011, I registered at Babies R Us. The sales associate as well as the manager assured me that I should register for more items and that they would take items back when I delivered my child and closed out the registry. Yesterday, I went to Babies R Us to return a few items I received in duplicate and was informed that I had reached my return limitation for registry items. The total I returned was a little over $56!!If you are thinking about registering for the BabiesRUs baby registry online, be aware that as of August 2006 there is no way to check who ordered your items or where they were ordered - even if you call the store. So if you don't receive them, you cannot let the purchaser know. This is a huge oversight on the part of the programmers of the registry database, as undelivered items can be forever in limbo. You can't notify the purchaser, and the purchaser assumes they were delivered to you.