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After bath time, we are faced with the choice of how best to dry our pets. The towels, blow dryers and other methods we use on our own locks are possibilities when it comes to drying dog hair, but are they really the best options? It’s important to consider the pros and cons of these prospects.

Dog grooming tips on how to blow dry your dog’s hair with B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer.

Always easy to say XYZ is the absolute best but it’s better when you succinctly explain why. So here is why forced air dryers, also called high-pressure dryers, are the best dryers for dogs without any ounce of a doubt.

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Check out the B-Air® Fido pet dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan today, and  with any questions! Pet owners often grab hair dryers because they’re around the house, and that is their go-to drying method when their own hair is wet. We are familiar with them. We know how to use them and they’re convenient. They also seem like a faster method than towels. Unfortunately, they present too many dangers for pet use.

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Lastly, the air drying method simply does not achieve an optimal result. Even if you tie your dog in an outdoor area and there is no possibility of any dirt ruining your hard work, your dog still won’t achieve the same level of dryness that the B-Air Fido Max 1 dog dryer offers.

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Watch as Lynne Allen shows the complete line of B-Air® pet products and explains the reason why she chose to work with B-Air pet dryers at her grooming salons.The B-Air® BPD-1 is the perfect dryer for mobile grooming due to its portability and power. It weighs only 7.8 lbs. and features a 2 HP motor capable of generating a maximum air volume of 165 CFM. Designed for professional and domestic use, the BPD-1 features a set of 4 nozzles that gives you versatility to comb, de-shed, dry, and fluff-up your dog’s coat. Learn more.The B-Air® CP-1 is a lightweight and powerful single cage dryer that features a brushless motor and a 1/4 HP motor that produces a maximum air volume of 375 CFM. The CP-1 is designed to provide a gentle and continued airflow to dry pets in single cages. Learn more!In this video Lynne shows us the B-Air® GP-1: the most powerful cage dryer on the market. It features a 1 HP motor that produces a maximum air volume of 3550 CFM and optional accessories, such as the duct drying kit and the filter and frame kit, that make it a versatile multiple cage dryer.