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A higher reading on a growth chart is not necessarily a good or a bad thing. Much of your child's size depends on genetics — meaning if you and/or your partner is tall or big-boned or has a larger-than-average head size, your baby more likely will, too.

AVERAGE hand size chart for crochet -- I require men's size on gloves, so it would be best to measure if you can!

eBay has a wide selection of toddler clothing and accessories and makes it easy to shop from the convenience of your own home. To find toddler clothing on eBay, start by using the search bar at the top of the page if you are looking for something specific, like leggings or denim pants.

If your child is of average weight and height, it is easiest to search for the specific size of clothing you require. For example, searching for gives you many results specific to that size. You can then peruse the results without worrying about falling in love with a piece of clothing that is the wrong size.

If your child is not of average weight or height, find their height and weight using a size chart as a guide, then search for that size. For example, if your child is 3 years old but is 38 inches tall, you want to search for .

These measurements conflict with many other size charts.

Breast Size Chart | International breast cup size chart - Average Height Most condoms on the market fall into the "average size" category so in our condom size chart we are only going to list the "Smaller size condoms" and the "Larger sized condoms" we feel are truly fitting for their respective categories. We have omitted from the chart hundreds of other average size condoms to save you from scrolling forever.

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The percentiles you've probably heard so much about are derived from a chart of average heights, weights and head sizes. Developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the percentiles on infant growth charts are based on surveys of 19,000 breastfed children (in five different cities in five countries, who grew up in optimal conditions). Both the CDC and AAP recommend doctors use the WHO charts for babies under age 2. Pediatricians use a second set of charts created by the CDC for children from 2 to 20 years old to measure standing height and weight. Both charts are different for boys and girls, because males tend to be larger and grow faster.

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