Harmony White Automatic Pet Water Fountain

should have seen this before I bought a water fountain!! lol I have bought, and will be returning, water foutain called Automatic pet fountain and the pump is too loud and to fill the tank you have to take it off and fill via ahole in base!! thought I was being cute in buying cheaper.. not..

WaterDog - Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking fountain How awesome is this!?!?

The automatic-flow pet water fountain’s gentle trickling sound acts as a lure for pets, enticing them to gather around bowls and lap up the bubbling streams of water. The water inside the 46 fl. oz. capacity reservoir constantly circulates—never turning stagnant—and draws from a clear water tank with a 108 fl. oz. capacity. The fountain complements existing decor with a sleek, contemporary design and powers up through standard wall outlets or one radioactive stare.

Harmony Automatic Cat Water Fountain Charcoal Replacement Filters

Dog Water Dispenser Outdoor Dog Automatic Water Fountain with Step-on Drinking Fountain I was looking for an automatic water fountain to stop one of my dogs from putting his paws in the water and pulling the water out of the container. This fountain did the trick and he has stopped that bad habit as he loves to drink the moving water. The taller dogs drink from the top and the smaller dogs drink from the bottom. We have had several comments about how nice it looks. It runs quiet and contains two filters. One for debris and one charcoal. The dogs are drinking more water so my only request is to make a larger one!

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Keep your furry friend healthy and hydrated with the Harmony Automatic Pet Water Fountain. This easy-to-use hydration accessory makes a great cat water fountain or dog water fountain for small breeds. The fountain design aerates your pet’s water with essential oxygen for a fresher, healthier taste. All pets need to drink water; hydration is absolutely essential to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Despite needing water to stay healthy, some pets can be finicky about the water they drink. Cats in particular can show preferences for some sources of water, typically fountains, over others like stagnant water bowls. The Harmony Automatic Pet Water Fountain is designed to provide your pets with healthy, great-tasting water that they are sure to love. The continuously moving water is ideal for finicky pets that prefer drinking from a flowing water source. This cat water fountain or dog water fountain is designed to continuously aerate the water with movement, creating fresher and tastier water that your pet is sure to enjoy. The replaceable charcoal filter further purifies your pet’s water by removing bad tastes and odors from impurities. Additional filters are sold separately. You can conveniently and easily set up the Harmony Automatic Pet Water Fountain anywhere in your home. The 6-foot power cord gives you plenty of freedom placing the fountain. The large capacity waterer can hold up to 50 oz of water. You can use this waterer as a cat water fountain or small dog water fountain.

Harmony White Automatic Pet Water Fountain | Petco