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How often do you add/change the water in the tank? Does the water get warm in the summer? I am trying to plan an automatic watering system for my rabbits but was told warm water could give them diarrhea and kill them.

I have some automatic waterers that my rabbits don't seem to understand. They're similar to this...

Metal feeders are the way to go with food, and really they are quite cheap at your local farm-supply store. Waterers may be too, but here is a way to make your own waterer that keeps the water source outside of the hutch with the drinking spout protruding inside. You have to buy the actual automatic waterer valve, but then simply place it in a 2-liter soft-drink bottle, wire it in place, and those critters have fresh, clean water for two days (rabbits drink about a liter of water per day — more in hot weather, less in cold).

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An automatic water was like my #1 desire, especially with summer approaching, when the rabbits drink twice the amount of water… Rabbits, like all pets, need access to fresh, clean water. Frequently refilling a pet's water bowl, however, can become a chore and if you do not remember to do it your rabbit could go without water. Avoid the hassle of refilling your rabbit's water bowl and prevent him from ever going thirsty by making your own automatic watering dish. This simple design is easy to make and maintain and it will refill your rabbit's water bowl as it drinks.

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My gravity powered rabbit watering system which is filled by my automatic sprinkler system. Nearly no labor on my part and allows for medicine, vitamin, treat Administration easily.

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A look at our automatic watering system for your rabbitry and how easy it is to build it. It saves us so much time and is so much better for the rabbits!This is a commercial rabbit cage setup. Rabbits have good ventilation and automatic water and food. The pit in the middle is for the manure and many growers use that area to raise nightcrawlers. The rabbit droppings are perfect food for the nightcrawlers.We do not want to have to do that. We want to keep them well watered, but not at the expense of having to check on them so often. In order to get around this, we have installed an automatic watering system for our rabbits. This type of system could be used for many different types of small animals and the technique required to install it is applicable to the installation of many other types of systems as well.IS THERE A DOWNSIDE TO AUTOMATIC WATERING SYSTEMS FOR RABBITS?
Although the problems with automatic watering are few and far between, it is not a panacea. It will require some time in planning, sourcing water to the site, and initial trouble shooting, as well as periodic maintenance. Like any automated system, one cannot set it up and simply forget it. The maintenance of the system includes daily visual inspections, periodic adjustments, and periodic line flushing.