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Footwear Grips and Cleats: Type - Anti-Slip Footwear Grips; Material - Rubber; Grip Configuration - Aluminum Oxide Grit Bands; Installation - Slip-On; Color - Black; Size - Large; Mens Shoe Size - 11 to 12; Additional Information - Fits over all types of workshoes and boots. Designed to increase traction in snow and ice or oil and grease; Manufacturer Series - GRIPS-Lite™

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Bench tests on winter test surfaces indicated that the dry and wet ice tests were most comparable, in terms of the range in COF values observed, to the results obtained from the human-centred incline approach. The frosted ice test surface produced a rough upper layer that was significantly more slip resistant across all types of footwear than the smooth ice surface below the frost or the surfaces used during biomechanical testing. Figure shows that the range in COF values as well as the overall ranking of footwear slip resistance across the wet and dry ice test surface conditions were more consistent using the maximum achievable incline angle method than using the bench tests. In particular, large differences were observed between the heel and flat test modes on dry ice for Style-N and on both dry and wet ice for Style-G, whereas both styles performed relatively consistently during the upslope and downslope walking tests. Bench testing on wet ice also tended to underestimate anti-slip performance in comparison to the wet ice results obtained during maximum achievable slope testing. The inconsistent rankings of the footwear from the bench tests make interpretation of the results particularly challenging.

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Looking for TALON TRAX Men's Anti-Slip Footwear, Plain Toe Type, Red, Size Universal (52NY07) Wearing the right shoe type can make a huge difference. You should think of anti slip footwear as a tool that makes your job easier. On the other hand, ill-fitted or ill-suited footwear can make your job very difficult, which can have a negative result on your performance. According to research, footwear causes more than 20% of slips and fall injuries, in different work areas. If you work around slippery surfaces, such as professional kitchens and health-related environments, you will require a non skidding shoe, to keep you safe. Slip and fall injuries can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones, head traumas, back complications, and even death. Here are some considerations to make when looking for non skidding work shoes.

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Overshoes, Unisex, Size 2XS, Fits Shoe Size Men 2 to 4, Women 4 to 5, Waterproof Yes, Toe Type Steel, Height 2 In., Black/Purple, Footwear Sole Pattern Anti-Skid Bars, Resists Slip, Standards CE, CSA Z334-14, ASTM F2412-11/F2413-11, 1 Pair

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