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What a great site...thank you! I'm tired of spending $40 plus each time I get my pomeranian groomed so I'm looking to buy my own clippers. I've tried going the cheap route and realized quickly that those just won't cut it. I keep her trimmed pretty short...almost shaved because we live in SC and it's always so hot here. I know everyone says you shouldn't shave your pom because it will ruin their hair but she is just miserable when her hair is long. Anyway...after reading your reviews I think the Andis PowerGroom might be the best clipper for the job. What do you think? Also, what blade(s) would you recommend?

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As our review shows, the Andis BGRv 63100 Hair Clipper is one of the heavy weights of the hair clipper domain. Keep reading for our definitive guide.

Andis Fade Master hair clipper review with fade blade

The Andis Fade Master hair clipper reviewed along with the Phat Master hair clipper you asked in your other thread (): I just think that the separate Andis products – despite the higher price, outshine what you get here. Keep in mind that I’m used to more luxurious hair clipper choices due to my previous background. If you’re not that much of a hair cutter snob, you probably won’t feel that much of a difference.

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is a pillar of salon hardware and magnificence supplies and is the main supplier of value hair items and is one of the most established makers of hair clippers blades, curling irons, and flat irons and trimmers in UK and America. The organization makes and markets clippers, trimmers, shavers, and other preparing apparatuses for the hair stylist and excellence commercial ventures, and in addition for expert creature groomers. It additionally supplies home haircutting packs, hair dryers, and other little electric apparatuses. Andis persistently enhanced the electric scissors innovation, adding to a progression of new items. Case in point, to determine issues of fluctuating electric power and voltage, a typical issue amid the 1920s, Andis outlined a motor clipper. The Universal electric clipper utilized an engine with a customization, wheel-worked razor sharp edge. Another change brought about the Andis Master Magnetic scissors, which incorporated a two-speed coil and high-low power switch. Andis ranges from a wider number of hair clippers. It is considered as the best supplier of hair clippers and trimmers all over the world. Hope you find the best fit for your hair from Andis clippers reviews.

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The Andis Master is available in more than 90 countries (). Hairdressers, stylists, and customers all over continue to purchase this clipper as they want to trust a top-performing clipper and that’s what you will get if you purchase the Andis Master clipper. If you like what you have read in this review and interested in these amazing and handy clippers, . Happy trimming!As I pointed out with the Andis Master earlier, if you fetch a T-Outliner hair trimmer, you’d get a killer combination. Still, as fade clippers, these are the least powerful and versatile of the previous models in the list.