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You’ll find anything from Andis detachable blades chart or Andis purple magnetic guard sizes, to Oster guards/blades or Wahl guides charts.

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#8 1/2. Leaves hair 7/64";. Detachable blade fits all Andis AG, MBG, and Oster A-5 models. Hand lapped, polished, and finished for superior cutting and specially hardened for long life. Chrome finish resists rust.

Detachable blade fits all Andis AG, MBG, and Oster A-5 models

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade ReviewsBest price at: Andis ProClip Plus AG2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Pet Clipper features a strong rotary motor that's designed for heavy-duty use while remaining extremely quiet. It features 2 professional-quality blade speeds at 2700 strokes per minute and 3400 strokes per minute. This gives you the ability to clip with detail or get through those thick coats with ease.

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Andis Pro-Clip UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Grooming Clippers features detachable blades, a powerful rotary motor and a locking switch button that prevents accidental shut off.

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The most popular model rocking the CeramicEdge blades is Andis BGRc, an amazing barber clipper we’ve . Andis detachable blades also fit other top hair clippers like the . Here’s the ceramic Andis clipper blades size chart to help you out.Andis ZR is Andis’ latest detachable blade wireless clipper and without a doubt: their biggest masterpiece yet. Aside from the body size and price, its functionality and sheer power can’t be disputed.*All Andis detachable blade clippers can use the . It consists of Andis guards sizes 0 to 8 (1/16″ to 1″) and fit a #000 blade perfectly.Clipper-over-Comb Method - Use a 000 or 1 setting whether adjustable or detachable blade clipper. Start on the side of either head taking vertical sections at the length discussed at consultation with the customer and cut using an Andis clipper comb (pink, white, or black depending on the hair color) around the head to remove bulk.Regarding the detachables, I didn’t quite understand you. The detachable blade sizes are taken in accordance with what the manufacturers (Oster, Andis) have pointed out in their official pamphlets and websites.Andis Detachable Clipper Blade Carrying Case
* Stores most detachable clipper blades
* will hold human hair and animal clipper blades
* Conveniently stores up to 12 clipper blades of various sizes
* This versatile storage case organizes and protects valuable blades
* Made of recyclable High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic