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I am just starting my two dogs on Amicus for small and mini dogs..I am using senior & weight management. I have 10 year old pug(over weight ) and a small 2 year old maltese. I hope it will work and take some weight of both of them.

Horizon Amicus Puppy [G]; Horizon Amicus Senior and Weight Management [M].

I was wondering if anyone out there has or is currently using the “Senior & Weight Management” formula of Amicus? The reason I am asking does anyone find that the kids seem hungry? Pepper is fully transitioned on it presently and it seems not to be satisfying her. Now she has NUMEROUS health issues so it may not be the food. Just wondering if anyone else found this to be so. I thought with the protein level at around 30% or so it would be filling-she was on the NOW senior but had to get off it because of it containing white potato. Thanks.
Cheryl & Pepper

Horizon Amicus Senior/Weight Management - 5.5lb

Select Options · Amicus Senior Dog and Weight Management Formula 5.5lb Look up Amicus. It’s for small dogs and it has a weight management formula. Also I always feed less than the recommended amount on the bag. On a better food, you usually don’t feed as much. I don’t know how much to feed a shih-zhu, but my housedogs eat 2/3 of quality kibble and they weigh 23-24 lbs. That still leaves room for treats (which I use food for treats). Foods like Vital Essentials, or dehyrdrated liver or other dehyrdrated/freeze foods that comes in a bite-size. And they only get those when they come back from going outside.

Horizon Amicus Senior/Weight Management - Free Shipping

Some others I’ve recently tried were Castor & Pollux Ultramix Weight Management with fat at 9.5%, and Wellness Super5Mix Small Breed Healthy Weight with fat at 9% and Artemis Fresh Mix with fat at 6%. I used Orijen Senior for weight loss, it’s fat isn’t super low, but is lower than many at 15% and is a great quality food.

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