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As a relevant personal anecdote, I bought my girlfriend a Kindle Fire last year and the price dropped a week later. I called and they refunded the difference. Amazon is pretty generous with their customers and I've personally always had positive experiences calling their customer support. But I don't know if they have any formal price protection policy.

Amazon has ended its price protection policy on all products except for TVs.

Amazon also doesn't provide price-matching policy, again except for TVs. As a result, it has one of the least consumer-friendly policies, given that rivals including Walmart (), Target () and Best Buy () offer some form of price protection. Target, for instance, will match an item's price if it's sold for less at a competitor, and it offers price adjustments within .

But I don't know if they have any formal price protection policy.

that Amazon quietly changed its price protection policy to exclude all products except for televisions. Amazon has quietly ended its price protection policy for all products other than televisions. According to reports from Amazon shoppers, customers can no longer claim a partial refund for items that fall in price after being purchased.

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TechCrunch reports that the changes to Amazon's price protection policy were introduced in early May. To add further confusion, some Amazon shoppers are now being told by representatives that the company didn't offer a price protection policy to begin with, and that previous price-match refunds were the exception, rather than the rule.

Amazon no longer offers refunds for after-the-sale price drops

Amazon apparently no longer offers price protection except for TVs — although the company insists that nothing has changed from its earlier policy.Not to worry – there are still a few ways to get price protection, even if Amazon has more stringent guidelines for what it will offer consumers. By using your credit card price protection perks (especially when combined with !), you can get the lowest price your item qualifies for even if it’s no longer part of Amazon’s official policy.(Update 11/10/16) I come today bearing bad news for loyal Amazon shoppers. As of early May 2016, Amazon is no longer offering 7-day price protection on your purchases. Apparently this was never an “official” policy, and was offered as a one-time exception at the discretion of chat operators and customer service reps. does not have an openly stated price protection policy. But most savvy Amazon shoppers are aware of their “somewhat unofficial” 7-day price protection policy which entitles you to money-back if the price is lowered on their site after you receive the item.