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Comment: This recipe proves the point that in Cajun County anything can go into sauce . In this spicy sauce, it is recommended that you use alligator tail meat because of its texture and light to white color.

Cody and Samantha joined WCCO This Morning to share their recipe for alligator and mirliton.

New Orleans food has got a flavor and style all its own. Our world-class chefs down here pull from local inspiration and this recipe is a prime example of New Orleans’ unique cuisine. Local chef Gregg Collier came up with this combination of tastes that not only utilizes alligator meat, a local delicacy, but one of our favorite beers, as well. is brewed right across the lake from New Orleans, and their dark brown ale, , brings something extra special to this barbecue meal. With fall weather being some of the best all year in New Orleans, it’s the perfect time to fire up the grill and grab a cold one. Expand your culinary horizons and bring a taste of something different into your kitchen with this unique New Orleans recipe.

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A great appetizer from down South: Bacon wrapped alligator meat recipe. Fairly simple to execute, and delicious to eat. As the name indicates, sauce piquante has a peppery kick to it, although the pepper level can be raised or reduced to taste. A rustic dish with a long Cajun heritage, sauce piquante is made with lots of extra seasonings and is traditionally served with rice. This recipe uses alligator tail meat, the cut sold by retailers. The sauce is versatile enough to be matched with any number of main ingredients—not only alligator but also turtle, pork, chicken, veal, conch, scallops and game. Many sauce piquante fans keep a bottle of Tabasco handy when eating it.

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9. Toss in herb blend and serve with choice of sauce. (Note: Bo’s serves the fried alligator with fresno chili aioli, which is a standard aioli recipe combined with a fresno chili puree.)

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I love fried gator tail, and the local restaurant in my area, The Black Hammock, has some of the best I’ve eaten. Unfortunately, I don’t have their recipe. We can actually purchase gator meat, fresh or frozen, at some fresh seafood houses so this is something I would love to try cooking myself. This recipe was taken from the Texas Cooperative Extension Alligator Cookbook and is posted there as a recipe from "Tony Chachere’s Cajun Country Cookbook". It sounds very good, and all recipes I’ve ever seen are very similar with the only noted differences being in the batter and seasoning ingredients. I hope you enjoy this one! NOTE: Servings and yield are estimated. Prep time DOES NOT include refrigeration time. Posted for ZWT5. Get your BBQ Shoes on because it's an Alligator Barbecue. Pit Boys cook up some Alligator Sauce Piquant along with some fried Gator Rolls, and marinated Alligator Skewers. Don't have fresh Gator? Then substitute Chicken, Pork, Rabbit, or what you have. It's Southern style cooking at its finest and it's all guud...! "BBQ Shoes" by Blue House with the Rent to Own Horns. "16-2 BPB" by Chris Falk, Joseph Rodz.
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