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If you prefer to use natural flea remedies, without harmful chemicals, why not try these home remedies for fleas? They use all natural ingredients that won't harm your pet, but will kill those pesky parasites!

The trusty old flea comb is one of the most natural flea remedies there is and it's really effective for combing out those pesky parasites.

Evidently, you'll plan to steer clear of exposing your favorite family pet to such toxic chemical compounds. You really would want to use natural remedies for pet fleas.

6 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Since fleas are such persistent and prolific creatures, we recommend you combine all these natural remedies in your war against them. My Aussie has seizures when I use any kind of flea treatment. Topical or oral. Pet Pride No Flea helps but I’m a little leary of long term use as it contains garlic. Trying to bath him regularly but sometimes it is not possible. Going to try the DE method this season. May try some of the oils. Also a good grade of dog food helps. To much corn in his food causes scratching and hot spots. 5 dogs and 8 cats keeps me from being able to afford all natural or grain free food. If the first ingredient is corn (which is the case with most dog foods) avoid it if possible. I feed Diamond Premium. Affordable and better than most store bought food.

5 Natural Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Fleas on Cats - Everyday Roots

Using rosemary as a natural flea repellent can be an excellent option for simple prevention or for the treatment of a mild case of fleas. For serious infestations, however, more drastic measure are sometimes needed. Long-term exposure to fleas can cause anemia, allergic dermatitis and intestinal parasites in your pet, so timely treatment is important. If you are battling an advanced flea problem, give natural remedies a chance, but consult your veterinarian for the most safe and effective treatment to make Fluffy flea-free as soon as possible.

To win this battle, one must fight the flea at all life stages

These homemade flea killer options are for dogs only, and are usually quite successful. They include apple cider vinegar, garlic, and nutritional or brewers yeast. For details on the methods, measurements, and more visit our upcoming page on Natural Flea Remedies. THIS IS AMAZING. I signed up JUST to review this. My dog was absolutely ridden with fleas, and I didn't even know it until I used this concoction. I used a biodegradeable, natural, dye-free dish soap. I began by getting him wet, then starting at his head and working the suds down to his rump. I was shocked to look beneath him and see tons of fleas trying to scurry away from the soap. Soon enough, the scurrying stopped and they were DEAD. As I was rinsing him off and thought I had gotten all the fleas, I noticed a bunch more between his legs... exactly where I hadn't gotten any of the soap. So I applied more and sure enough, they died quickly. It took about 30-40 minutes total because there were SO many fleas and my dog has a thick, long coat (golden retriever mix). After rinsing him, I went through his hair with a nit comb and found a few live fleas, but most were dead. I am going to give him the same treatment in a few days to kill off any remaining fleas. I'm not sure HOW this works, but it does. I would like to know what it does to the eggs, if anything. That is my only concern. I don't want more fleas in a couple days! To be on the safe side, I'm going to spray him with a flea spray, and I expect that to take care of the problem 100%. So glad I found this!!!