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Roborovski Hamsters are a species of dwarf hamster also known as Robos. These are the smallest of the dwarf hamster species, staying at or less than a third of the size of a Syrian hamster, and are much more active. As with most dwarf hamsters, Robos are very quick. However, Robos tend to be more energetic than other dwarf hamsters. They are also more difficult to tame due to their quick movements but are fantastic to watch. Although hamsters sleep a good portion of the day, don't let their sleeping fool you; Robo hamsters are especially active and energetic animals that love an exercise wheel, run-about ball and anything else they can expend their energy on. Like other small animals, hamsters have teeth that grow continuously throughout their life, so they should be provided with chew sticks to prevent the teeth from becoming overgrown. If you allow a Robo hamster to share your home, it will quickly become a member of the family!

My dwarf hamster swallowed a blueberry whole, I’m worried about him. He is our family pet.

is a perfect option as it is the right size for a Dwarf Hamster and it is made of a durable chew proof ceramic material as well as coming in a variety of colors that make your hamsters cage more pleasing to the eye. You can make a sand bath cheaply by cutting an ice-cream container into a shallow tub about 3cm deep.

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Jan 17, 2012 - The NOOK Book (eBook) of the All about Dwarf Hamsters: The Guide Hamster Owner Should Have by Blake Hall at Barnes & Noble. Mizushima was so enthralled with his own pet dwarf hamster, Taquito, that he made his first feature film, about a guy, Richard (played by Richard Vallejos), and his best and only friend, a dwarf hamster named Etienne. When Etienne is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Richard chucks his job to take his pocket-sized pal on a bicycle trip through the northern California Redwoods and coastline.

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Dwarf hamsters are cute and very tiny animals that measure only about two to four inches in length. They are relatively low maintenance, which makes them great to keep as pets. They are little balls of energy and have a very fast metabolism, so it is important for them to eat a well-balanced diet that keeps them happy, healthy, and active.

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