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Get tough on algae. TetraPond’s full line of algae control products are effective at combating algae blooms, string and hair algae, and blanket weed - fast. Also formulated for algae control in fountains and small ponds. Can be used in ponds with plants and fish. EPA registered.

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Proper identification is crucial to the success of any chemical treatment. Many aquatic weeds look very similar but some require totally different products to control them. We have pictures of many popular plants in our Identify Aquatic Weeds & Algae section. If you can safely identify your weed(s) from one of these pictures then you can select the proper treatment from our Chemical Selection Chart. If you are unsure please contact us for assistance.

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What are the best products for pond algae control and how do I get rid of green pond water? The right pond algae killer can make a huge difference, and Overstock Pond is pleased to offer today's finest products for some of the most competitive prices around. From beneficial bacteria for ponds to odor-reducing products, we have what you need to keep your pond looking absolutely incredible. In local stores, you're sure to find limited selections and sky-high prices. You never have to worry about that with Overstock Pond. We're dedicated to bringing our valued customers the finest fish pond and fountain algae control treatments, and you're sure to be pleased with what you find.

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The products we sell to keep algae under control in ponds work all kinds of wonders. A single tablet can help to reduce odors, reduce ammonia nitrogen levels and break down dead algae. In no time flat, your pond will look and smell better than ever. In addition to making you happy, these fish pond algae control products will help the fish be healthier and happier too. Find what you need and place your order now!

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The amount of algae in a lake depends on the amount of nutrients available for growth (mostly phosphorus). Long-term management of algae involves nutrient reduction to the water body. However, long-term nutrient reduction can be costly and take many years for significant improvement in water quality. There are some short-term algae control treatment options and some "home remedies" available for managing algae problems in the meantime. Most of the methods presented on this page are short-term. Phosphorus inactivation may result in longer-term control of algae than other methods discussed here. There is a state-wide effort to reduce phosphorus on household products like detergents. . Using NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment on a regular basis clears muck away and restricts sludge and bio-waste buildup. The bacterial enzymes introduced into your pond, lake or lagoon by NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment are extremely aggressive at digesting all organic waste and are of the highest quality and purity, guaranteed to be non-disease causing and non-hazardous. Our bacterial strains are of the most potent and densely populated counts available (), containing aerobic and anaerobic cultures to attack and digest even the most severely infested bodies of water. To date, our success rate is second to none and our products are guaranteed to eliminate all decaying organic matter, bio buildup, decaying algae and weeds, sludge and other degradable compounds destroying your lake or ponds ecosystem. With 70 years of experience behind us, NT-MAX products continue to be a dominant leader in natural lake and pond restoration.