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There are no differences in care for any species, with the exception of Albino Oscars, which may require decreased lighting due to a potential sensitivity to bright lights common in albinos of any species.

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For those who want to know, Albino Oscar fish are the same as a regular Oscar fish, just albino colored. There is no difference in the carerequirements and biology.

Oscar fish or tiger oscar: care, tank mates, feeding, breeding

Oscar, Astronotus ocellatus Species Profile, Albino Tiger Oscar Care Instructions, Albino. Oscars are considered to be the most intelligent aquarium fish available to hobbyists. Oscars have an impeccable memory and are one of the few aquarium pets that can be trained to do tricks and individually distinguish its carer. Oscars are often available in a few different colors. The most popular being black with bright red scale colorations through its center. Other less common variations include a bright albino white with translucent red eyes, shades of pale blue and even banana yellow.

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- 75 gallons / 340 Liters You may see Oscars in most pet stores and yes, the young smaller specimens look cute and friendly, but before considering buying them think about how you will keep them.They grow fast, often reaching around 6 inches in their first year. They are best kept individually or as pairs in a single species environment. Because of this be sure to keep in mind your budget, space and what it is you want from the fish. Is it all achievable?By this point in the article, you should have decided whether it is something you want. If so we will get to a more detailed analysis of the fish.As previously mentioned Oscars are a very popular fish, they are a South American Cichlid and behave in a way typical of this type of fish, they are destructive creatures and will often rearrange an aquarium or break equipment.However, they also have real characters much like that of a puppy, they are very excitable and prone to seemingly odd behaviors for a fish. They have been known to get excited when you get home from work, to what seems like beg for food around meal times and strangely I’ve witnessed them learn the voices of their owners/carers.It is very easy to see why they have become so popular in the hobby to date, even I have been thinking about getting a pair away from the retail environment and into my own home.They come in a small variety of colors and common names listed in pet stores, the common ones you may come across are Marble Cichlid, Velvet Cichlid, Albino Oscar, Tiger Oscar and Red Oscar.Before making the purchase of your new best friend, treat them as any other fish, get the aquarium ready roughly a month beforehand.Oscars are a very hardy fish coping with a wide range of water conditions, however, they should be ideally kept in the following ranges:

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A big fish can take a lot of punishment. They can shake of maltreatment (albeit with other consequences, such as HITH) to a much greater degree than a little one can. Younger fish also have more to lose - if it doesn't grow properly (stunting due to poor water quality, for example) it will live a much-shortened lifespan and may never be able to handle diseases well. It's no secret that more water per fish = better water quality with the same amount of work. I dare say that because of this, a young fish needs more space than an adult fish of equal size (a three-inch oscar needs more water than a three-inch convict). (NOTE - I am in no way implying that you should maltreat your adult fish! There is an immense difference between surviving and thriving, and every fish deserves the best of care that we can manage)Newly added Albino Oscar Fishes in my aquarium. There are four of them, I think its too much for my 50 gallon aquarium. If you like Oscar fish and want to tell more about them to me. Watch this video and give your comments and suggestions on taking care of them well.

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