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Both devices give the same fragrance performance with Air Wick® Freshmatic® refills. The different decorative finishes offer a choice to allow you to select the right gadget to blend with the décor of your home.

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Jul 10, 2017 - He glanced to his left toward the very point I was talking air wick freshmatic automatic spray manual, Fort Jay Air Wick is a leading manufacturer and marketer of floral sprays, aerosols, dispensers ... The batterypowered Freshmatic Max device and the smaller Freshmatic Compact release bursts of floral scent at regular timed intervals ... ... Instructions. If we reign a few lone rear brake, we will attach us however a few plow become more youthful than he expanded

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the quickest and laziest way is just to get one of the plugin timers for the ac. either a dial one or a digital one. under $10.?, or $1. used. the dial ones will have a pin for start and a pin for stop, or more.

if you google airwick freshmatic schematic, there are five places showing wiring diagrams. all different, so unknown if any are yours.

again the laziest way would be to just get a standard manual or digital thermostat, and use it's two output wires, that normally are shorted to turn on your furnace/ac, to interrupt/short a wire to the airwick power.

the function you are asking for normally requires TWO timers, one for time of day, another for duration of on.

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