First 100 Watt Equivalent LED Bulb Cooled by an Air Pump

On my boat, I do not use any quick connects. The fuel hose assembly slips onto the fittings at the tank and the fuel pump without anything in between, other than the bulb and a fuel/water separator filter. I secure the hoses to all the fittings with doubled up Murcury tie-straps. The reduces the risk of air leaks in the fuel line.

I mainly want to see if the fuel pump in the engine will not lead to air in the bulb.

If you have been around SVO fuel operations for any length of time you know how frustrating it can be to try to get air out of the fuel system right after a SVO filter change. It does not work very well to just use the factory hand primer pump as that is trying to suck fuel through the filter. To bleed the system fast you need something that can PUSH the heavy fuel through the filter instead. Ideally, that should be an electric boost pump mounted at the rear of the car, but if you are not ready to spring for such a pump, a good inexpensive alternative is to use a rubber bulb hand pump.

Aircast XP Walker Replacement Air Bulb Hand Pump

5. I pumped the bulb and with the motor cover off, could hear air/noise with each pump. The bulb inflated very slowly as before. I know this sounds dumb but know a bloke that did, on the bulb there should be a arrow this should go in direction of motor not tank, fuel only pumps one way try blowing air in fuel pickup on tank with cap off there might be a blockage also make sure bulb is closer to tank then motor .

for the wheezing sound of sucking air while you pump the primer bulb.

Terminology is not totally standardised. Anything with a base unit with provision to maintain a stable temperature, pump air in either direction, etc., is often called a "station" (preceded by rework, soldering, desoldering, hot air); one, or sometimes more, tools may be connected to a station, e.g., a rework station may accommodate a soldering iron and hot air head. A soldering iron with a hollow tip and a spring-, bulb-, or electrically-operated suction pump may be called a . Terms such as "suction pen" may be used; the meaning is usually clear from the context.

Standard Bulb with white, plastic check valve on both ends.

The ThermoActive Replacement Air Pump Bulb with Hose is a unique, removable, hand held air pump that adjusts the level of compression in ThermoActive Cold and Hot Therapy products. This ThermoActive Air Pump attaches to various ThermoActive Cold and Hot Therapy Support products, so it doesn't have any use by itself but must attach to one of those products to be of use. ThermoActive's Cold and Hot Therapy products are geared toward faster recovery of injuries through patented technology that provides circumferential compression in conjunction with cooling or heating therapy. This results in benefits such as deep tissue treatment, anatomically correct fitting via the included compression pump, and faster recovery from injuriesThe first thing i did was to try a spare (new) fuel line/primer bulb, but that did not help. Then I started replacing components one at a time over a period of time, since the engine is quite old and the various fuel components could all stand a replacement. In a course of several months I ended up replacing just about every component in the fuel system, but still did not hit on the problem. (I replaced the fuel pump, O-ring, screen, gasket, fuel line on the engine, fitting on the engine where the external fuel line attaches, cap vent, and even rebuilt the carb.) Finally,I pulled the pick up tube in the fuel tank, and discovered the brass fitting on top of the tank was not passing 100 % amount of fuel. It was not sucking air, but had malfunctioned internally. I don't think it was debris since the pick-up tube screen was absolutely clean. That was the problem. Next time I will work from the tank to the engine.