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During the holidays, Oasis also hosts special meals and distributes food and gift items donated from private sources. In 2016, over 1,000 Thanksgiving meals were served while over 1,200 turkeys and 350 food bags were distributed. Just before Christmas, over 600 meals were served and over 5,000 toys were distributed by Oasis to our adult education students and the greater community.

– 10 adults were employed (p/t) through, Oasis Appliance, Bike Shop, Sweet Shirt & Toy Store

God has used the Oasis Toy store ministry in a wonderful way again this year! We had 267 families sign in representing 1,152 children, who had a much merrier Christmas as a result. We can’t thank everyone that gave to this ministry enough. Without the generous donations this outreach could not happen. In addition, our store coordinators, Tom and Mary Susan Capon, said that the employees from the neighborhood constituted the best team they’ve had. The store not only blesses children, but the young adults from the community that work the store get valuable sales, cash register and inventory experience. Last but not least, the parents have the joy of buying their children’s presents themselves. It doesn’t matter what your income level, everyone loves a bargain :). This is what the Oasis store is all about.

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