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Female crested geckos, adults and juveniles, available for sale at Moon Valley Reptiles.

Breeding your crested geckos is not something that should be entered into lightly. These geckos are quite easy to breed and are highly prolific. This may make it tempting to jump into the business of gecko breeding. Don't let false visions of dollar signs lead you into breeding geckos as a way of making money. Very few breeders are able to make any significant money from raising crested geckos. In fact, the majority of breeders may recoup some of their expenses by selling offspring, but are happy to just break even. Just because you may see someone else selling geckos for hundreds of dollars, don't assume that you will be able to sell your offspring for that kind of money, even if your geckos look much like the "big name" breeder's geckos. It is more likely that you will be selling at "wholesale price" until you have established a reputation in the business. That often takes several years.
My advice... don't be in too big of a rush to breed crested geckos. Some people are in such a hurry to become breeders that they pick up some "lower quality" animals just to get a jump start on the process of breeding, or because they can't afford to buy the "higher end" adult breeders that occasionally are made available. The results of such pairings are often less marketable than you might anticipate. Selling poor quality, inexpensive geckos is not going to help you establish a reputation as a quality breeder. This is often a path that ends in frustration and early burnout. Almost any crested gecko can make a wonderful and enjoyable pet, but not every crested gecko should become a breeder.
If you are determined and serious about breeding crested geckos, it's either going to take a pretty large initial investment to buy some quality adults, or it's going to take a considerable investment of time to buy some nice young stock which you can raise up become your future breeders. I recommend this second path. This gives you plenty of time to learn all about the care and keeping of crested geckos as you raise your young "future breeders". By the time they are ready to breed, you will have enough knowledge and experience to successfully raise some high quality, healthy crestie babies. Plus, you will get quite a bit of satisfaction and take great pride in seeing the first babies from animals you raised from hatchlings.

For Sale: Adult Female Crested Gecko – Abernathy.

Male juvenile and adult crested geckos available for sale at Moon Valley Reptiles. Mork is a harlequin crested gecko with partial pinstriping from Fandango X Scaramouche, part of our . Mork is a possible male, as there are signs of pores but are difficult to distinguish from scale pigmentation. High-resolution pictures of the pore area available upon request. Mork also displays tri-color markings, so although it is hard to say what his adult coloring and pattern will be, we believe him to be a tricolor crested gecko, the first of our lines we have for sale.

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Adult crested geckos (like this one for sale), is best housed in a 20 gallon tank with a mesh or screened top. If you live in an area with high humidity, you may consider a mesh cage for your crested gecko, but keep an eye out for any changes in behavior – this may mean that a heat lamp is in order.

Adult female crested gecko for sale! - FaunaClassifieds