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"Mom, did you see the pictures I sent you?"
"Yes, he's very cute."
"You have to come get this dog."
"Alie, I'm working."
"I realize that, but you have to leave and come get this dog."
"I can only adopt him right now?"
"No, but what if someone else falls in love with him and takes him? How could they not? You might miss your chance. You have to come get him."
"Alie, I'm at work."
"I know but you need this dog."
"I feel like you're pressuring me right now."
"I'm not pressuring you. You are looking for a dachshund puppy, and I am letting you know that one is available to rescue."
"Give me the number for the shelter person. I'll think about it. But I can't leave work."

If you must adopt two puppies at the same time for the kids, see the second half of this article.

Adopting a puppy is a huge commitment; for one thing, you can’t leave a puppy home alone all day. Most puppies need to eliminate approximately every two hours, so someone needs to be available to take the puppy outside to do his business. If the puppy you adopt hasn’t been house-trained, he’ll have to be taught that skill.

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Dogs (and puppies) are $ 94.00 : $ 76.00 for the adoption / $ 18.00 for the licenses Television's original adoption extravaganza is back and furrier than ever as the world's cutest sporting event and will be returning to Animal Planet for PUPPY BOWL XIV February 2018, with two hours of fuzzy faces, sloppy kisses and puppy penalties.

PUPPIES (Available for Adoption) - From our home to yours

It sounds like the plot of a made-for-TV movie: A mom cat with a litter of kittens "adopts" an orphaned puppy after his mother was hit by a car.

Looking to adopt a dog or puppy

Since our standards for service dogs and explosive detection canines are so high, some dogs do not complete the program for either behavioral or health reasons . These dogs will be released as pets for a charge of $4,000.00. They will come to you spayed or neutered, current on all their vaccines, and incredibly bonded to humans. The feedback we’ve gotten from everyone who has ever adopted one of our dogs is that they never knew that dogs could be as focused on people as are ours. If you are interested in adopting one of our released dogs, please print out the released dog application, fill it out completely and send it to us either by email, fax, or regular mail. Once your application is received, we will review and file it until a dog is ready to be released. When a dog has been approved for release we will review each application on file to determine which family is best suited for that particular dog. If your application is selected, we will then contact you to inform you that you are being considered for a released dog and will then proceed to contact your references. When all references are checked and accepted, we will then discuss how and when you can pick up the dog. Please note that when a dog is adopted by you, he may never be given away or sold. If, for any reason, you cannot keep the dog, he must be returned to Puppies Behind Bars. Please understand that we do our utmost to make sure that we pair you with a dog we feel will be the best match for you and your family. Be patient with us -- but be assured that if you do get a pet from Puppies Behind Bars, we are positive it will be a wonderful, wonderful part of your life for many years to come. Many dogs for adoption in shelters or with dog rescue groups are already trained and ready to go! Many dog rescue groups use foster homes to make sure each dog for adoption is trained to be well-behaved indoors. It would be impossible for rescuers to make sure their pups for adoption get the same training before they are adopted. Although all dogs need attention and playtime, an adult dog's needs are far less demanding. And remember, no pooch is too old for love! Personality: If you're considering adoption, you probably have a good idea about what kind of personality you want your new family member to have, right? If you're a couch potato, you don't want to adopt a dog who needs to be in motion constantly; you want a furry pal who's content to cuddle up at your feet. If "active" is your middle name, you probably want to adopt a dog who's always raring to go! Maybe you need to adopt a dog who's great with kids or elderly people, or one who doesn't bark a lot, or you really want to adopt a dog who loves to lick your face, or you want one who doesn't lick your face, or…you get the idea. There are a lot of things to consider! Uh-oh…guess what? When you adopt a puppy, you can't tell how he or she will turn out! With an adult dog, what you see is what you get. Their personality is already developed, and you'll be able to spot the characteristics you're looking for much more easily. Dog rescue and shelter volunteers can help assess the personality of each dog for adoption, and carefully match you up with the right dog for your lifestyle. With puppies, there is a lot more guesswork involved. Sure, you can train your pup on certain behaviors, but other traits (like activity level) seem to be inherent in each individual.