Nov 17, 2007 - This is a brown agouti abbysinian guinea pig plush

Abyssinian and Himalayan guinea pigs will imitate Mick Jagger or Carly Simon when they are happy. Raise their head and extend their neck, drop the lower lip just a bit, purse the upper one and show a little teeth. (probably true for Peruvians also, but I only have abby/peruvian mixes.)

And to answer the OP's question, NO all white abby's are not rare. There pretty much is no rare type of guinea pig.

A few of my favourite movies of my lovely guinea pigs. Starring female Peachy, a tortoiseshell and white abby (mainly orange in colour), female Clover, an agouti red, male Squeekie, a crested agouti white, female Jasmine, crested tortoiseshell and white (mainly white) female Sweetpea, tortoiseshell and white abby (has a very white bottom :)and male Jake, tortoiseshell self (mainly black)

Sadly Clover, Peachy, Jake, Jasmine and Sweetpea have made their journey to Rainbow Bridge, all reached their senior time. I really do miss them. Squeekie is now 6 years old and lives with my little girl Beatrix.

You can see more of my guinea pigs on my site:

Revy Meets Abby-Roo: A Guinea Pig ..

Very friendly, all black male abby guinea pig. He is about 1 and a half years old. Asking $20 Pickup in Holland MI Is your Abyssinian young or old? There is a chance it could be a benign tumor of some sort for old abby guinea pigs. As much as I can help via web, the only way to get a clear and accurate answer is by consulting with your local veterinarian.

May 18, 2017 - Very friendly, all black male abby guinea pig

I want to note that you should never breed two Roan Abyssinians because they have a gene linked to genetic deformations when bred together. They can mate with any other Abyssinian colors, just not another Roan. If you’re not sure what kind of Abby you have, you can ask a vet or post a picture in the Guinea Pig Forum on this website.

Marco is a 4-6 month old male abby guinea pig

Bryce and Abby are a young pair of bonded guinea pigs who met in the Rescue. Bryce is a neutered black Teddy with a spot of brown who was born in late November. Abby is a spayed brown Abyssinian who was part of a group of guinea pigs surrendered to a local shelter because of too many animals. She is about 8 months old.Abby, a San Antonio Guinea Pig was adopted! Here's how you can benefit by looking at adoption as an option to buying a Guinea Pig for sale in San Antonio, or seeking a Guinea Pig from a breeder in San Antonio.Guinea pig / cavy breeds

there are many different breed of guinea pigs =]

Silkie or Sheltie
English Merino
Hairless breeds
Abbyruvian or Sheba Mini Yaks

THE CREDIT GOES TO THEIR OWNERSo if you happen to pick up a beautifully symmetric Abyssinian guinea pig with 8 rosettes, you may want to consider showing off your pet (if time permits). There are many guinea pig shows and competitions all over the world, and many of the contestants are Abbys. But if the fur is not as ideal, don’t worry. They will love you just as much as an Abyssinian with a perfect coat.