Hares and tortoises need to work together.

7. Is it okay to give my tortoise dog or cat food?
No. tortoises are herbivores. They are vegetarian and eat no meat or animal products. Dog and cat food is made for carnivores (meat eaters). That food does not contain the proper amounts of fat, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals for tortoises. A complete, balanced diet for desert tortoises can be found in Tortoise Food sold by Tortoise Group.

Tortoises have their own personality and can surprise you how smart they are.

Tortoise numbers declined from over 250,000 in the 16th century to a low of around 3,000 in the 1970s. This decline was caused by of the species for meat and oil, for agriculture, and introduction of non-native animals to the islands, such as rats, goats, and pigs. The extinction of most giant tortoise lineages is thought to have also been caused by predation by humans or human ancestors, as the tortoises themselves have no natural predators. Tortoise populations on at least three islands have become extinct in historical time due to human activities. Specimens of these extinct taxa exist in several museums and also are being subjected to DNA analysis. Ten species of the original 15 survive in the wild; an 11th species () had only a single known living individual, kept in captivity and nicknamed until his death in June 2012. Conservation efforts, beginning in the 20th century, have resulted in thousands of juveniles being released onto their ancestral home islands, and the total number of the species is estimated to have exceeded 19,000 at the start of the 21st century. Despite this rebound, the species as a whole is classified as "vulnerable" by the .

Does this mean that the TMNT are actually tortoises

Step 3: Next, draw one of the front legs. This leg should be even thicker than the tortoise's neck. Taking a stand against the illegal trafficking of radiated tortoises together with educating the public of their needs to survive will help to protect this tortoise in trouble.

: You reach down and you flip the tortoise over on its back, Leon.

Radiated tortoises travel the same roads as we do making them easy prey for poachers. The tortoises are caught and sold for food, and juvenile tortoises are targeted for the pet trade. They also suffer widespread habitat loss due to the burning of forests for charcoal production and land clearing for agriculture. Their numbers have plummeted to the status of “critically endangered” on the . While there are approximately one million of these tortoises in the wild, abundance is no guarantee of survival. If current rates of poaching continue, total collapse of the population is imminent.

until it catches up with the tortoise.

What’s a Tortoise? is a test of the emotional response in humans toward a robot. A robot is on its back and placed it under a heat lamp. The robot flails its legs under the heat unable to turn itself over and walk away. The heat that the robot is subjected to will be felt by the viewer as they near the piece. As the viewer approaches the robot will attempt to draw the humans’ attention by increasing the rapidity of its attempts at turning over.It's hard to say exactly what's on their minds, but if it's a male, he could just be on cruise control and be ramming [the other tortoise] nonstop. I'm leaning toward the male-female theory.