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I just got a coon/lab mix yesterday. they said he is 8wks and he was on alpo soft food. when uh brought him home I had bought Purina puppy chow he was really hungry so I feed it to him he ate it and about 15 he started with diarrhea. he hasn’t slept the whole night he pooped all over his cage the 4x. what should I do? I feel so bad for him

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When I got my beagle at 4 mths, she had been on Precise small breed puppy for about a 2 weeks and was told that her poop would be runny for some time until she got used to the Precise. I’m used to larger breed dogs (Huskies and labs) and where I lived in Canada before moving back stateside there was no “gourmet” dog food. You had kibble and bits, alpo etc. Anyway… after about 2.5 months on the Precise and 3 vet visits because her poop was still watery, it never firmed up, and she seemed to be thirsty all the time, only gained 2 pounds, and her coat started to get lackluster; the vet basically said that Precise was not for her and to put her on (gasp) a reg food, because I am used to the grain product foods we switched her over to Puppy Chow complete and balanced. And have had no problems with it, after about a week- 2 weeks, her poop began to firm up, her coat was better, and she was drinking reasonable amounts of water because she was no longer dehydrated from pooping it all out.

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Jump to Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for Puppy - Our Rating 4.6/5 Stars .. Hello! I am getting a Boxer puppy tomorrow-11/30/12. The guy I am getting her from has started them on Beneful – Puppy food. Wondering what is affordable and yet the best kind of food to get her started. This might make me sound cheap but I was thinking 20-25$ for a 30lb bag? Maybe that isn’t reasonable I dont know. And I need to be able to find it easily in Southern Iowa. Thanks!

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Yes that is the list i have. Fromm’s GF surf and turf has changed from 4.5 star to a 5 star since HDM last did that list. and all fromms other GF’s got changed to 4.5 instead of 4, I do not know why….And i know the Orijen LBP was not on the list, and i was upset by that because Orijen seems to be my favorite brand, but HDM informed me that Orijen LBP has been recently reformulated and it’s almost acceptable, and that if i add in fresh meat toppers or canned food meant for intermittent feeding i could reduce it to an acceptable level (however i cant find a canned intermittent feeding formula that does not have Carrageenan in it that is not manufactured by evangers, booo). As long as i was rotating the Orijen LBP with other foods safely within that range. Which both the Core Puppy and Surf and Turf are…I FEEL like i have a decently solid plan of attack now having lurked around this site for a little while reading posts, etc…But i am still confused on how to figure out how much of a can to feed or how much real meat i should add in, Lol…Because i know that as well as calcium levels, overfeeding a LBP can be bad too.

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