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corn is not bad for a dog unless it has an allergy.. everyone falls for the claims saying this is bad or that is bad. By products are not bad either, may be gross but not bad. Look what a dog would eat in the wild, it eats everything.
I have shepherds and had them for 40 years. I raised 3 shepherds on 3 dog foods throughout their lives to see if there really is a difference. One was on Diamond premium adult (they all started on Diamond large breed puppy), the other was on pedigree and the third was on Taste of the Wild. Let me say all three are identical in health, appearance and energy etc. They are littermates and if you saw them you would have NO idea which dog was on which food. The vet comments at how well they look and are doing. They are 12 and 1/2 now, not a pup by any means for a shepherd and I never had them to the vet except for shots. The only difference is my pocketbook. THe money I save on Diamond and Pedigree is huge. That savings goes into an emergency vet fund.

Hi Lee Beardsmore:You want to feed your puppy a “growth” or “all life stages food.” Check out the 4 and 5 star puppy foods here:

Check out the reviews for Eukanuba and Purina One – they are both very low quality foods. There is no “best” food. I would suggest checking out the 4-star puppy foods listed here and the list of 5-star puppies foods. These are all great choices. Pick one that fits your budget and that is available to you.

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If you are feeding puppy chow, you might want to start on a 3 or 4 star rated food. Rhea – Lab Wolf Mix? Are you sure? Are you aware of the problems you may have on your hand? Are you sure you totally understand? Do you have kids? Premium Edge Puppy is a 4 star food. Look again. Other 4 star foods affordable kibbles include:
1.) Diamond Natural – Menards 4 Star
2.) Kirklands – Costco 4 Star
3.) Taste of the Wild – Blains Farm & Fleet 5 Stars, All life stages formulas

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I have a lab/wolf/? mix. The rescuer we adopted her from was feeding her Premium Edge Puppy and we continued it with her, because I didnt want to cause any tummy upset on top of her missing her litter. Then I noticed that the puppy food went from 4 stars to 3 stars. Some of the issues I have with it 1) she definitely tries to eat her stool and 2) her stool smells so pungent, she can go at one end of the yard and I smell it at the other. I’m looking for some cost effective alternatives? any suggestions?

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The following is a list of 4-star dog food brands… each containing at least one wet puppy food.

To qualify, each puppy food must meet for either all life stages or growth.If you read the above review and the other review for Iams products you’ll see that it’s a fairly low quality food. I would suggest picking out an appropriate 4 or 5 star food for your pup. The important consideration that needs to be made when picking a food for a large or giant breed puppy is appropriate calcium levels as excess calcium consumption has been linked to developmental orthopedic disease and large and giant breed puppies. There’s a thread in the forum area dedicated to the discussion of large and giant breed puppy nutrition and there you’ll also find links to several articles as well as a list of appropriate 4 and 5 star foods.